Option tariffs / entitlements to private health insurance / disability

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Option tariffs / entitlements to private health insurance / disability

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    More information about Option tariffs / entitlements to private health insurance / disability

    One or the other would like to leave the statutory health insurance (SHI).

    Not only since the first (City BKK), now perhaps the second health insurance (BKK for health professionals) is insolvent, make more and more insured thoughts about the future of their health insurance.

    But especially career starters can not change yet.

    Unlike in other professions, where this is not permanently possible due to falling below the annual earnings bracket (JAEG), students have often reached the necessary limit after a few years.

    But what if, until then, your health has deteriorated? Even a short-term used psychotherapy blocked the way to private health insurance (PHI) often for years.

    However, especially in stressful exam situations, students like to take advantage of such advice from psychologists or therapists. Hardly anyone worries about the consequences.

    Not only the PKV is impossible for some years, also occupational disability insurance have a problem with it and deny the necessary protection.

    But are these problems solvable?

    There are several ways to secure your way to private health insurance. As with occupational disability, however, it is important to remember as early as possible and not apply for it when it is too late or when the treatment is already planned.
    The occupational disability cover can also be applied for initially with a low pension amount. This keeps the contribution in study or training low and later allows an increase without health examination. Decisive for this are the so-called post-insurance options and sufficient momentum in the contract.

    Possibility Number 1:

    Dormancy. Different product variants are offered by health insurers on the market. The expectancy insurance exists in two variants. The big and the so-called small prospect. The difference between the two products lies in the question of what is “backed up”. Protects the small entitlement “only” the health of the insured person, then in the great expectancy even the entry age with “frozen”.

    But since there are some significant differences in premiums, a decision will probably be considered.
    The disadvantage of the benefits is that I pay only for the “freezing” of the state of health or the age of entry. Of course, this will later be an advantage, but with up to 25% of the normal contribution, it is not exactly cheap.

    Therefore, some companies offer so-called option rates. Unlike the expectancy, however, these usually do not insist on a special tariff, but ensure the possibility to switch to “all open-ended tariffs of the company”. These option rates are often much cheaper to have, but ensure the change not at any time, but on specified dates. The company is determined with the conclusion of such a tariff. Therefore, you should choose these very carefully and according to the possible full cost tariffs.
    Especially important are the selection criteria of the private health insurance, nothing is worse, so if after the “main tariff” does not fit.

    Option 2:

    Additional tariffs and option: In order not to have protection only with the use of the private full insurance (PKV) and to benefit already from better achievements than legally insured one offers however still another variant.

    The benefits of supplementary insurance are supplemented by an option.

    For example, stationary supplementary insurance for the twin room, the single room and the private medical treatment can be found on the market, with the option of being able to convert to full-cost insurance. So it is the customer better today, if he has to go to the hospital, but later can then without problems in the “right PKV” change.

    Again, however, the careful selection applies. Always look for the company first, where you want to be health insurance later.

    Only after this selection is completed, plan the next steps.

    Depending on the offer, both option 1 and supplementary insurance with option may be the right choice.