Statutory health insurance

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Statutory health insurance

From January 2009, the same contribution rate applies to all statutory health insurance companies.

The health insurance companies will not differ on the contribution rate but on the individual services offered. In addition to the basic services, services such as regular health checks, etc. offered.

The basic benefits of health insurance are regulated by law. Medically necessary treatments are paid by all health insurances, reimbursement is also made for preventive medical examinations and standard vaccinations. Good health insurance companies also offer additional services – telephone health hotline, reimbursement of holiday vaccinations and natural health care, home nursing and home help, health benefits and much more.

Therefore, look for the range of services, if you are looking for a suitable statutory health insurance.

Outside the optional tariffs, the benefits of the statutory health insurance are divided into the areas of compulsory and additional benefits. Compulsory benefits are laid down in the Social Security Code (SGB) – they apply to all health insurance funds. In addition, the law regulates in some places that the compulsory benefits may be voluntarily supplemented by the coffers by statute. This is called extra services. Because health insurance companies use it differently, the additional benefits vary considerably. Depending on the claim, additional benefits (including bonuses for health care) may outweigh a contribution disadvantage.

The statutory health insurance (GKV) is in competition with private health insurance (PKV). Neither the GKV nor the private health insurance is generally “better”. Rather, the decision depends on individual circumstances and needs. Important here are, for example: cash or private? Age, gender; Marital status / planning; Professional plans; / Risks of health;

For a better overview, we have divided comparisons into 3 areas:

1. Contribution / premium comparison: Compare the contributions of the statutory health insurance funds with the premiums of private health insurance.

2. General conditions: Decide here which system offers you more advantages. Also note the options for changing systems later.

3. Services / Supply. If both systems are suitable for you, compare the services here. Cash patients can supplement their protection with a supplementary health insurance.

For an individual comparison of the statutory and private health insurance we are at your disposal.

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