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Your independent intermediary of financial services such as insurance, financing and investments.
We offer you the best of over 135 companies,> 10,000 funds and more than 400 banks.

Imprint & initial information in accordance with the EU Intermediary Directive (§11 VersVermV)

Maik Sammer, Sonnenberg 52, 22958 Kuddewörde
Telephone: 040/21 050 476
Fax: 03212/672 6637


Lübeck District Court, HRB 15405 HL
Seat: Sonnenberg 52, 22958 oKuddewörde
Broker license according to § 34c Gew, § 34d Abs. 1 GewO, § 34f Abs.1 GewO, § 34i Abs.1 S.1 GewO
Intermediary Register (IHK): D-RULG-X36AR-88, D-F-150-1HRI-36, D-W-150-7CK1-95 and D-W-150-3A72-23

General Information:

There are no dependencies. It works completely independently and there is no direct or indirect participation of more than five percent in the voting rights or capital of any particular insurance or banking company. Similarly, no insurance or banking company owns shares, or has special financial influence on the advice and recommendation.

In connection with the consultation and mediation of products and financing solutions:

○ the remuneration is paid exclusively by the investor. Remuneration will be in accordance with the separate remuneration agreement.

○ the remuneration is paid exclusively through contributions from third parties, which may also be retained.

Any commission will be provided if it is not included in the offer / product information.

For financing solutions, these amount to zero to three percent of the loan amount and are already included in the effective interest rate.

○ the remuneration may be paid by the investor or by third parties (product providers) in combination. This depends on the wishes and needs of the investor and the

Financial products that may be brokered.

Insofar as the remuneration components are paid by the investor, this is done in accordance with a separate remuneration agreement.

Insofar as donations in connection with investment advice or placement are provided by third parties (product providers), these may be retained.

Trademark: – is a brand of Maik Sammer
Layout & Content: Responsible for the content and the design: Maik Sammer

Owner: Maik Sammer
Register: Maik Sammer is a registered broker and financial intermediary with SCP GmbH in accordance with the EU Intermediary Directive
Chamber of Commerce and Industry Kiel, Bergstr. 2, 24103 Kiel

Register No .: D-RULG-X36AR-88 – 34d GewO

Register No .: D-F-150-1HRI-36 – 34f GewO

Register No .: D-W-150-7CK1-95 and D-W-150-3A72-23-34i GewO

German Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DIHK) e.V., Breite Straße 29, 10178 Berlin
Telephone: 0180 6 00 58 50 (landline price 0.20 € / call, mobile phone prices max 0.60 € / call)
Business license: Business license acc. GewO §34c Paragraph 1a & 1b, and GewO §34d Paragraph 1, and GewO §34f Paragraph 1 and 2 granted by the Hanseatic City of Hamburg and IHK Lübeck, Gewerbeamt Schwarzenbek
Professional title: Certified Financial Planner, DIN certified financial planner ISO22222, banker, business economist, finance broker
Professional Admission: The award of the professional admission was made by the Federal Republic of Germany.

Ombudsman: Each customer has the opportunity to use the ombudsman. If possible, the customer should contact the Complaints Office at the German Insurance Association (Gesamtverband der deutschen Versicherungswirtschaft e.V.) in writing. He will briefly describe the facts and attach copies of the required documents. After admission, the appeal will be submitted to the Ombudsman for jurisdiction checks. If the customer and the company disagree on the question of admissibility, the ombudsman determines in a certain way ex officio. It is decided only on the basis of the submitted documents and statements, personal hearings or witness hearings can not be carried out according to the Rules of Procedure.


addresses of the responsible ombudsman

ombudsmen of private banks
Federal Association of German Banks
PO Box 04 03 07
10062 Berlin
Public Bank Ombudsman
Federal Association of Public Banks Germany
PO Box 11 02 72
10832 Berlin

Ombudsman of the Cooperative Banking Group
Federation of German Volksbanks and Raiffeisenbanks
Schellingstraße 4
10785 Berlin

ombudsmen of private building societies
Association of Private Building Societies
PO Box 30 30 79
10730 Berlin

arbitration board of the Deutsche Bundesbank
German Bundesbank
PO Box 11 12 32
60047 Frankfurt am Main

Insurance Ombudsman
Insurance Ombudsman e.V.
PO Box 08 06 32
10006 Berlin

private health and care insurance ombudsman
Association of Private Health Insurance
PO Box 06 02 22
10052 Berlin

Ombudsman closed fund
PO Box 64 02 22
10048 Berlin

Arbitration Board of the Landesbausparkassen
PO Box 74 48
48040 Münster

German Sparkassen- und Giroverband
Charlottenstrasse 47
10117 Berlin





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