Compliance with legal requirements, regulatory standards and self-imposed ethical standards and requirements.

In our field of activity as an insurance broker we adhere to the following own compliance rules:

1. Consulting and documentation

As broker registered in the broker register I stand as trustee administrator in the camp of my customers. I represent their interests in obtaining appropriate insurance cover against the insurer. I choose the insurance contract and the insurer according to objective criteria. An essential part of my performance vis-à-vis my clients is the analysis of the concrete insurance requirements and the prioritization of the risk protection, which takes place together with my client. I only make use of the legally provided option of arranging a placement without consulting with the consent of my client, except in exceptional cases. In any case, a documentation of the consultation takes place. I hand these out to my customers. In my activities for my clients their interests are always in the foreground. Should I – for whatever reason – find a collision of my interests and the interests of my clients, I point this out.

2nd care

My service to my customers does not end with the brokerage of an insurance contract, unless this is expressly agreed in individual cases. Rather, I am available to my customers as a contact and supervisor as long as the mediated by me insurance coverage and the respective brokerage contract exists. This applies in particular in the event of damage or loss.

3. Cover

If, as part of my job, the cover of an already covered risk is covered, I only use it with fair means to my competitors. In particular, I clarify my customers about any disadvantages or risks of a cover. In this case, I take the cover only at the express request of my clients and document this.

4. Remuneration

My service is basically free of charge for my customers, since the remuneration of the insurance broker is taken over by the insurer according to German commercial usage. The remuneration paid by insurers does not affect my independence and objectivity towards my clients. Benefits of insurers (cash payments or benefits in kind) that could in principle be liable to affect my objectivity, I decline. If, in cases in which this is permitted, I bill the customer for services, this will be done in a clear manner and will be agreed before the service is rendered.

5th Training

My continuous professional training is an essential basis of my work. That’s why I keep training regularly. At any time, I can show my clients the training I have attended. As a further education, I take part in product-related events, which can also be offered by insurers, and seminars on cross-functional and fundamental topics.

6. Subcontractor deployment

If I use independent sub-agents to look after my clients, they are registered as insurance brokers in the broker register. In addition, they are subject to the same standards that apply to me and my employees as set forth in these Compliance Guidelines.

7. Customer money security

If I receive customer funds from my customers or payment of damages for forwarding to my customers, they are subject to a special guarantee.

8. Cooperation with broker pools

Working with broker pools does not affect my objectivity and insurance product choices for my clients. Moreover, when using a pool through my independence is not affected.

9. Privacy

Customer privacy is very important to me. Therefore, the transfer of customer data to third parties is also exclusively in the context of fulfilling my duties for my customers and / or with the consent of my customers.

10. Obligations under the Money Laundering Act

I know my own obligations under the Money Laundering Act and can document the implementation of the legal requirements vis-à-vis the relevant supervisory authorities.

11. No corruption and bribery

I do not tolerate any form of corruption or bribery. Irrespective of this, situations may arise that, while not corruption or bribery, may be capable of jeopardizing my judgment. In principle, therefore, I check in advance whether the situation complies with current business practice and that there is no violation of applicable legal norms (for example the Criminal Code).
12. Other regulations and ombudsmen / complaints

I know and respect other legal regulations that affect my activity as an insurance broker. I would point out to my clients that they are insured with the ombudsperson and that they are not able to complain about my activity, not only in the context of initial information, but also in specific cases.