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Nursing insurance / Bahr care

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    More information about Nursing insurance / Bahr care

    nly very few interested people can pay for a place in the home.

    After advance payment of the statutory health insurance provides the care supplement, for example Nursing care allowance or nursing pension the necessary extra costs or reimburses the nursing-related expenses.

    “The supplementary nursing insurance gives you the security of being fully secured in case of emergency – for both home and inpatient care.

    The statutory long-term care insurance, on the other hand, offers only basic protection. The average age of Germans is increasing year by year. At the same time, the population is getting older and older. 85 or even 90 years and more are no longer a rarity. That is, it is not the question of whether one needs help later, but only WHEN.

    Often it is no longer possible in old age to do everything alone. The help of third parties is needed. Partly more, sometimes less.

    Thus, a distinction is made between three levels of care. Depending on the average need for help per day, the person concerned will be classified according to this.

    The highest level is the care level III with an average need for assistance of at least 300 minutes daily (level I = 90 minutes, level II = 180 minutes).

    There are many reasons why a person can suddenly become a nursing case:

    – Illness
    – accident
    – Disappearance in old age
    – Dementia

    Yesterday, people went for a walk and made plans for the future. The next day, life can change completely due to a heart attack followed by respiratory arrest or an accident. We can not protect ourselves from that, because if illness or accident – anyone can do it at any time and the disaster does not always announce itself.

    In addition, age-related care cases have been steadily increasing for some years, despite medical advances, and will double over the next few years. People in Germany are living longer and longer, and thus even the risk increases, at some point to become a nursing case. Those who have not taken care of them then place a considerable risk on their family, for the children are liable with their own wealth when the assets of their parents have been consumed.

    So that the family is not also plunged into financial disaster, you should take precautions by a long-term care insurance.

    It pays according to the agreed contract either a nursing day allowance, a care cost reimbursement or a caregiver’s pension.

    The legal supply

    Do not rely on the state care insurance, because this provides nothing more than a basic insurance.

    And so, long-term care is a financial threat to you, your children, and even your grandchildren! The higher the degree of need for care, the more significant the financial burdens for the person concerned and his relatives.

    The statutory long-term care insurance pays only a part of the costs, which are provided either by material or cash benefits and are of different levels depending on the level of care. If the person concerned is in inpatient care, only a contribution in kind will be made. Only home care distinguishes between cash benefits and benefits in kind.

    Here, the person in need of care has a decision on how and by whom they want to be cared for.

    Cash benefit (care allowance) receives if relatives or volunteers provide care. The payment will be made to the patient who can freely dispose of it.
    Benefits in kind are provided by professional, ie charitable or private, institutions. Billing takes place directly with the nursing care insurance. If the nursing care benefits are insufficient to cover the costs, which is usually the case, the patient must pay the remaining costs himself. For this he gets an invoice from the nursing service and pays for it himself.

    It does not make any difference whether there are costs for a nursing home or the support takes place around the clock at home. One in six will have to seek professional help over the course of their lives because of their need for care.

    At present, around 2.3 million people in Germany are constantly on care. And the number is increasing rapidly.

    Experts estimate 3.4 to 3.6 million people in need of care by 2030 – well over 50% more than today.

    Are the statutory benefits sufficient?

    If you read these figures, you can guess how big the financial problems will be when a family member becomes a care case.

    In any case, the monthly pension shortfall must first be covered by own savings, then by the sale of one’s own property and, at the end, by close family members. According to § 1601 BGB, the descendants or closest relatives are obliged to financially pay for the relatives in need of care.

    § 1601 BGB
    Maintenance debtor

    Relatives in a straight line are obliged to provide each other with maintenance.

    If social services are used to cover the costs of care, the authority carries out a maintenance check. The financial circumstances of the applicant and his family members of the first degree are examined.

    The exam includes:

    the full consideration of all monthly payments
    any assets above any allowances
    Donations and their recovery from the last 10 years

    This procedure and thus the possible financial ruin can only be avoided by the conclusion of a private long-term care insurance.

    Compare different options and let us advise you individually.