Construction Warranty Insurance / Construction Insurance

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Construction Warranty Insurance / Construction Insurance

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    More information about Construction Warranty Insurance / Construction Insurance

    From excavation to collection Builders carry a high financial risk: they are responsible for a large part of the damage on the construction site.

    Whether full excavation pit or faulty execution:

    With every second construction project, problems arise, some of them with considerable costs. If heavy rains wash out a concrete floor, demolish unknown persons or a craftsman leaves a faucet open, so that the floor must be relocated, this can increase the construction costs unintentionally.

    In case of case you should make provision: With a construction insurance. The costs can be transferred to the executing companies and deducted from the tax – and thus the keys are greeted calmly.

    Your benefits at a glance

    Cover for the risk of unforeseen damage to property
    The costs can be transferred to the executing companies
    Deductible from the tax

    Why is this insurance important to you?

    Statistically, every second building project is covered by a claim, sometimes with considerable costs. As a builder, you can thereby suffer unexpected financial losses. Construction insurance covers the risk of unforeseen damage to property. You should therefore protect your construction project from the start of construction to completion by a construction insurance.

    Who is insured?

    You are the policyholder as the client or general contractor. Co-insured are the contractors and building contractors commissioned by you.

    What is insured?

    The insurance covers all construction work, building materials and components for the construction and dismantling of the insured building.

    When and where are you insured?

    Compensation is paid for unforeseen damage to property that occurred during the construction period within the area designated as construction site in the insurance policy.

    Which claims are insured?

    Insurance cover exists, for example, for damage caused by:

    Force majeure
    Theft of permanently installed insured parts

    What costs are insured?

    In the event of damage, the costs for clearing up the construction site as well as the necessary restoration costs are reimbursed, less the agreed deductible.


    Since the construction insurance covers not only the risks of the builder, but also of the contractors, builders and subcontractors, a dispute over guilt and jurisdiction or a possible standstill on the site is avoided.


    The sum insured is usually formed from the respective construction amount. The contribution is dependent on the sum insured, the risk situation, the desired scope of coverage and, if applicable, project-specific individual agreements.

    Possible supplements to the insurance

    Adjacent buildings that interfere with statics can also be insured against collapse. Furthermore, in old buildings to be rebuilt or renovated, the existing building substance can be included in the insurance cover by means of an additional agreement.
    An ideal supplement to construction insurance is a construction service business interruption insurance. It includes the so-called “interruption damage”.

    An example:

    A hurricane tore down the already half-finished roof of your house. The construction is delayed considerably. The construction business interruption insurance will replace the resulting rent loss. The insurance company offers individual solutions that are tailored exactly to your construction project.


    If agreed, builders can allocate the contribution for construction services insurance pro rata to the executing companies, as their risks are also covered.
    The costs for construction insurance are tax deductible.