Water sports and ship liability and comprehensive insurance

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Water sports and ship liability and comprehensive insurance

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    More information about Water sports and ship liability and comprehensive insurance

    The yacht and boat liability insurance is the most important insurance for every boat owner, yacht owner or charterer. A good boat liability insurance covers personal injury, property damage, financial loss and environmental damage. Anyone who inflicts damage on a third party with his boat is liable for it in full and with all his assets.

    In contrast to car liability insurance, in which we are dealing with a strict liability, the principle of negligence applies to yacht and boat liability insurance. This means that the car owner is already liable for the possession of his vehicle. On the other hand, the owner of a boat or a yacht is always at the fault of the owner or skipper. But no rule without exceptions and also there are in the yacht and boat liability insurance.

    The purpose of the boat liability insurance is to meet legitimate claims in the event of a claim and to ward off unjustified claims. So in a sense it is also a legal protection insurance. Although everything is regulated in Germany so well, there is no obligation to take out a boat liability insurance. However, if you intend to travel abroad with your boat or yacht or to station the ship right there, talk in advance with your insurer. Some states require the conclusion of a boat insurance with minimum insurance amounts. Proof of this is provided by the insurer prior to departure.

    Some services of our boat u. Yacht Liability Insurance:

    Coinsurance of financial losses and rented damages
    is also covered by the statutory liability of pulling water skiers umbrella hang-gliders, para-sailers, water sports equipment, …
    the holding, possession and carrying of a dinghy
    the use of a non-insured trailer required for the insured boat
    Co-insurance of the personal legal liability of skipper / skipper (captain) members of the ship’s crew and other persons entitled to the service for claims against them on the occasion of this performance
    Co-insurance of legal liability for damages as a result of changes in a body of water
    Holiday cover: When chartering or lending a boat, which corresponds to the insured object

    House Boat insurance

    The boat insurance section provides information on all the insurance required for “normal” boats, such as sailboats, motorboats, houseboats and sailing yachts. In motorboat or sailboat insurance, the location or sailing area is important for insurance coverage. A topic that has recently become more and more topical is houseboat insurance. The increase of publicly indicated shelves for houseboats also leads in Germany to more and more people, instead of buying a house, opt for a houseboat. The insurance requirements for the houseboat can not be expected to be lower than for a residential building.
    Water sports insurance

    Especially in the field of liability insurance, the water sports insurance protects against the dangers posed by the new types of water sports equipment. In addition to the well-known water sports equipment such as surfboard and water ski jet-ski, wet-bike and watercats are added, just to name a few. Insurance coverage is offered for active as well as passive (for example, as boaters of a waterskiing boat) water sports activity.
    Ship liability insurance / boat liability insurance

    For paddle pedal boats, rowing boats, kayaks, canoes and rented sailboats, insurance cover is usually provided as part of private liability insurance. Only own sailing and motor boats must be insured by a separate boat or ship liability insurance. Some insurers now offer so-called exclusive cover for private liability insurance, which already includes a boat liability for own sailing boats up to 20 square meters and own motor boats up to 20 kW.
    Boat hull insurance and watersports comprehensive insurance

    In the hull insurance, and possibly also in the water sports comprehensive insurance of the vehicle itself, so the boat, ship, water sports equipment, the machinery, the technical and nautical equipment, the accessories, the outboard motor, trailer and dinghy are insured.