Hunting liability insurance

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Hunting liability insurance

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    More information about Hunting liability insurance

    For whom is our hunting liability offer intended?

    Hunting liability provides insurance coverage for:
    Hunting tenants and hunters
    forest officials
    Forest supervisor
    professional hunter
    Falconer, in so far as it concerns an activity or omission directly or indirectly related to hunting
    Foreign hunting guests

    Who is insured for hunting?

    Hunting liability not only protects you as our contractor, but also:
    Persons who have hired you to manage the hunting business (except hunting license holders for activities for which the possession of a hunting license is required)
    Drivers and other hunting assistants in the area, in activities for which no hunting license is required
    non-professional guardian of your hound (for example, your wife or children)
    Spouses and their unmarried children living in the same household during hunting license training

    What is the coverage amount?

    In the hunting liability insurance you can choose between different coverage amounts for personal injury, property damage and property damage, and the inclusion of a deductible is also possible.
    What is insured by the hunting liability?

    In hunting liability your statutory liability is insured, for example as:
    Hunter / forester
    Dog owners / Falkner
    Shooting tenant / Outfitters
    Professional hunter / gamekeepers
    gun owners
    Employee of persons employed in the hunting business
    Holder / owner / driver of a non-approved and insurable vehicle in the area

    We’ll replace the damage you’ve done to another, For example, if a dilapidated high seat collapses, your hound or stalker injures or kills another animal, causing you harm by using your firearm, or causing your hound a traffic accident.
    Which risks are insured?

    We offer you a capital cover concept as a result of our personal hunting experience for a contemporary hedging of your hunting risk, for example, for liability, from:

    direct and indirect connection with hunting
    Keep and use of hounds and pickaxes
    Operation of hunting facilities
    Carrying out of society hunts
    allowed hunting and killing of caged game, corvids and cormorants, and of rabbits, pigeons and other game in pacified areas
    non-commercial reloading

    Also insured are:
    Claims for damages of relatives in gunshot wounds
    worldwide insurance coverage, within Europe now with a security clause (up to 30,000 euros)
    Damage and loss of foreign objects up to 3,000 euros, excess 150 euros
    Personal injury and property damage from the sale and distribution of game or venison (product risk)
    Insurance cover for bad debts
    Waiver of liability for personal injury caused by firearms during hunting
    What is being done for?

    The purpose of the liability insurance is to protect you from claims for damages that are made against you.
    We examine the question of whether and to what extent you are obliged to pay damages.
    If so, we will make the reparation of the damage in cash.
    If not, we refuse unjustified claims for damages. If it comes to litigation, we lead the process and bear the costs.
    Where does the insurance cover apply?

    The insurance cover is valid for policyholders residing in Germany worldwide for temporary stays abroad up to one year. However, some hunter travel countries demand the conclusion of a local hunting liability insurance. Nevertheless, your insurance cover is also of considerable importance in such a case, as it always protects you up to the amount of the cover if the damage incurred exceeds the foreign cover sums.