Transport insurance / works exchange insurance / Valoren – insurance / aviation / exhibition and trade fair insurance

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Transport insurance / works exchange insurance / Valoren – insurance / aviation / exhibition and trade fair insurance

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More information about Transport insurance / works exchange insurance / Valoren – insurance / aviation / exhibition and trade fair insurance

Trade means prosperity, but also brings with it that high values ​​are on the way and thus exposed to hazards. With the goods transport insurance you drive well and safely.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Protection of investment capital from damage during transport
  • Hedging specifically tailored to your needs
  • Insurance cover also for transport-related storage
  • Agreement of worldwide coverage possible

    Why is goods transport insurance important to you?

    If goods are damaged or destroyed during transport, then this usually hardly arouses the public’s interest, but the consequences for the company concerned are far-reaching: Often a single damage can mean the downfall for the company.

    What is insured?

    Insurable are goods of production companies, import-export and other commercial enterprises, which are transported by own means of transport or by commercial transport enterprises.

    Where and when are you insured?

    Insurance cover can usually be provided for transports to and from all places in Germany and abroad. The insurance cover begins as soon as the goods are removed for transport from the place where they were previously stored. It ends as soon as the goods have been brought to the place of delivery which the consignee has designated; Notwithstanding this, other agreements may be made.

    Which claims are insured with the goods transport insurance?

    The goods transport insurance covers damage caused by land, air and sea transport and the associated, transport-related storage; in particular damage caused by:

    -Brand, lightning, explosion
    Collapse of storage buildings
    Theft, burglary and robbery
    -Subjection, loss
    – Overboard damage mitigation
    – Overboard rinse or overboard due to heavy weather

    Scope of service in detail

    The goods transport insurance is tailored to your specific needs. It can be tailored exactly to your circumstances. For example:

    for certain types of goods
    against special dangers
    -for certain countries
    -for certain types of transport
    -for your own risk or independent of the risk

    Possible extensions of the insurance cover

    You can also change the risks for your individual goods transport policy:

    Exhibitions and fairs



    If you want a comprehensive insurance cover with the simplest handling, the conclusion of a compact policy for the insurance of freight transport is possible.

    Comprehensive protection, that is:

    -all goods of the production and trade program
    -independent of risk from door to door
    -by means of all means of transport customary in the trade (for example, rail, sea, motor vehicle, plane or freight forwarding)
    for the following transport purchases (purchased, invoiced goods)

    Shipments (sold, invoiced goods)
    -Transport to, from and between own operations and branches
    -Transports to and from the contract refiner
    Transports to choose from and as a pattern back
    Transports for demonstration at the customer and back
    – Repatriation of repaired goods
    -Transports of free replacement and warranty deliveries
    -Transports of commissioned goods
    -Transports to and from foreign packaging companies
    against dangers, such as

    Accident of a means of transport
    -Brand, lightning, explosion
    Theft and part theft
    and any damage

    where you need it – either in Europe or worldwide.

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