Business interruption insurance / business interruption insurance

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Business interruption insurance / business interruption insurance

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    More information about Business interruption insurance / business interruption insurance

    Secured against the consequences of a business interruption
    If the facility is destroyed or your company’s goods and supplies get lost, that’s a big blow. It gets worse when your entire company is down for a while. From the financial consequences protects you a loss of earnings insurance.

    A temporary business interruption is faster than you think. Even minor damage to property can cause high follow-up costs. Even if your production is stopped or the operation is so disrupted that no sales can be achieved: fixed costs such as wages and salaries, rent and rent or the interest continues to run.

    Your benefits at a glance

    Replacement of lost operating profit
    Replacement of ongoing charges including salaries, wages and commissions
    The prison term can be extended up to 36 months

    Why is loss of earnings insurance important to you?

    You can protect a company’s content insurance against the financial losses that you incur by recovering or repairing the destroyed items.

    Financially harder than losing or destroying resources and equipment, however, it can make the fact that your business is down for some time. Fixed costs such as wages, rent, rent or interest continue inexorably.

    An insurance claim in the sense of the companies loss of earnings insurance does not occur until your company is completely shut down. It is sufficient if one of the operational functions such as procurement, warehousing or sales is disturbed.

    What is insured?

    The insurance covers lost operating profits and ongoing costs, including salaries, wages and commissions. Operating profit is the profit from sales of manufactured goods, traded goods and services.

    We are liable for the interruption damage that has arisen within 12 months since the material damage occurred. Prison time can be extended up to 36 months if required for your business.

    Where is your company insured?

    Insurance cover exists at the place of insurance. This includes all land designated as operating points in the insurance contract.

    The place of operation also includes the parking spaces, sidings and water connections in the immediate vicinity of this property, as well as parking spaces which are available to you and marked accordingly.

    Also new business premises within the Federal Republic of Germany are co-insured up to a certain compensation limit without special notification.

    Which claims are insured?

    The insurance cover for the loss of earnings insurance can be put together according to your needs. Insure yourself against the financial consequences of a business interruption following damage in these areas:

    Fire (fire, lightning, explosion)
    Burglary including vandalism and robbery
    tap water
    Storm / hail
    Natural hazards (without storm / hail) such as floods and earthquakes
    Internal riots, strike or lockout, wanton damage, vehicle collision, smoke, pop-up bang
    additional unnamed dangers

    What costs are covered by the loss of earnings insurance?
    Insured costs include all ongoing, operational costs such as:

    personnel costs
    Depreciation, interest, taxes, rents
    Cost of office, advertising, maintenance


    Protect your company from the consequences of a business interruption and thereby make this risk calculable!

    Special Case Closure:

    Even in the 21st century, no company that produces, processes or distributes food is safe from epidemics. Goods, water or even humans can be affected by pathogens and lug them into a farm. In recent years, the press reported more and more frequently about salmonella diseases.

    Health authorities respond with harsh measures

    To contain danger to life and limb, the authorities are held, even at a mere suspicion of infection

    to order the closure of an establishment
    to require the disinfection of a business
    To prohibit activity against the operating staff
    to dispose of and, if necessary, destroy the goods in service
    Order investigative and monitoring measures.

    These measures can cause life-threatening financial damage.

    Why is this insurance important to you?

    Epidemics do not register and pathogens can invade any establishment. Increasing imports and the increased speed of transport are encouraging this development. In Germany alone, hundreds of previously unknown Salmonella types have been identified in recent years. Due to this development, the health authorities are not flaring for a long time and in the worst case, this can even lead to the complete closure of the plant.

    Who’s insured?

    All businesses, especially those from the food and beverage sectors, can be insured.

    What is insured?

    Insurance cover is provided against the financial consequences of government-mandated measures to control epidemics.

    Insured costs

    Costs can arise here

    by the closure of a business
    due to disinfection measures
    due to a goods seizure
    due to prohibition of activity for the farmer or employees
    with regard to the costs of investigation and observation

    Claims Example

    Salmonella are tiny – what they do can be serious. Take care in case salmonella pills your business!