Rental loss insurance

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Rental loss insurance

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More information about Rental loss insurance

With a rental loss insurance, landlords can protect themselves against loss of rent and caused by Mietnomaden property damage. The rent cancellation insurance provides in the event of financial compensation, and thus can save the landlord in case of emergency from financial ruin.
A tenant credit check is only possible to a limited extent

A landlord can check the financial background of his new tenant only very limited. Also, the presentation of evidence, such as earnings statements, employment contracts or a Schufaauskunft can guarantee the solvency of the tenant only for the moment of collection, and therefore provide no security for the future. Often, the tenant leaves a positive impression on his presentation, and initially pays his rent on time. But suddenly he loses his job, loses money through divorce, or gets into an economic emergency for other reasons. As a result, the rental payments often go out.
Tenant-friendly jurisdiction brings many landlords in distress

Due to the tenant-friendly jurisdiction in Germany, it is not so easy to end a tenancy in the absence of rental payments. The termination of the lease must first be enforced by the landlord in lengthy court cases. It is no less difficult to sue for the outstanding rent payments or the regulation of property damage caused by rental nomads.
Rental deposit does not provide adequate protection

Landlords can ask their tenant for a rental deposit, and use this to regulate damage. However, the amount of the rental deposit is limited by law to three net cold rent. For property damage or loss of rent that exceeds the amount of the deposit, the landlord initially bears the economic risk. Rental loss insurance allows landlords to protect themselves against risks that exceed the amount of the deposit.

With a rent cancellation insurance, landlords can effectively protect against small rent losses even for small money. A rent cancellation insurance ensures that you as a landlord in the case of the cases are not empty handed.