Rental nomad insurance

Maik Sammer

Rental nomad insurance

Innovative protection for homeowners

It is not uncommon for real estate financing to incur ongoing rental income. But what happens if there is no revenue or if there are even more costs due to vandalism? So-called Mietnomaden do not pay the rent, let apartments degenerate and find themselves in a night and Nebelaktion the next stay. Back remains the landlord, who has to pay for the damage. Especially with private landlords who wanted to secure their retirement with the property, rent nomads can threaten the existence. The innovative Rhion Mietnomaden insurance helps: It provides for rent losses and secures the landlord against damage to the property.

What is insured?

Insured are the building components brought in by the landlord as well as building accessories within the dwelling incl. Rooms in the building and outbuilding, which are to be attributed exclusively to this dwelling.

Which services are provided?

Cost of identifying and determining the damage
Replacement in the event of loss of rental and ongoing rental charges for 6 or 12 months selectable (after exhaustion of the deposit)
Property damage due to willful damage or loss due to rent loss loss due for reimbursement (sum insured: 10,000 to 50,000 euros)
Assumption of clearing and demolition costs
Refund of cleaning and renovation costs
Acquisition of disinfection and pest control costs
Decontamination with official order
Pest infestation, e.g. by rats, mice or cockroaches due to contamination
Damage caused by neglect of the dwelling, e.g. by neglecting airing or cleaning or the death of the renter

Rhion advantage: Should the property not be available after the eviction because of a necessary renovation or renovation, we will additionally compensate for the loss of the rent for the duration of this work for a period of two months.

Tip: An additional legal protection insurance completes the protection against Rental nomad .

Your advantages with us

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