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machinery insurance

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    More information about machinery insurance

    With the use of increasingly complicated technology, you optimize the production processes in your company. The stationary machinery and equipment are expensive and also sensitive.

    Your benefits at a glance

    Protection of your own investment capital
    Protection against high repair and replacement costs
    Reduction of production downtime in the event of a claim

    Why is this insurance important to you?

    For your company, a damage to the machines not only means a disruption of the production process, but very often also considerable repair or replacement costs, which can have extremely negative effects on the business result.

    Who is insured?

    Policyholder is the owner or user of the machine or machine plant.

    What is insured?

    Insurable are:

    -other technical equipment

    The insurance also includes user-replaceable data carriers (for example hard disks) as well as the data required for the basic function. You can also cover additional equipment, spare parts and foundations for insured items.

    Not insured are:

    Tools of all kinds and other wearing parts
    -Raw materials and supplies

    When and where are you insured?

    The insurance cover begins at the agreed time, but at the earliest with the operational reliability of the insured property.

    Insurance cover exists on the agreed business premises (place of insurance). Transport and movement risks within a business property are also covered.

    Which claims are insured?

    The insurance company provides compensation for unforeseen damage to the insured property. It is an all-risk cover that does not pose individual hazards such as only malice or machine breakage, but with few exceptions, any form of damage or destruction (property damage) assured, such as:

    Operating errors, awkwardness,

    -Success of third parties
    -Construction, material or assembly errors
    – Failure of measuring, control or safety devices
    -Tracking due to centrifugal force
    Overpressure (except explosion) or negative pressure
    Storm, frost or ice drift
    -Water, oil or lubricant deficiency

    There are only a few exclusions, such as:

    Wear (the consequential damage is however also insured)
    Theft, fire, flood, flood, earthquake
    -War events or nuclear energy

    What costs are insured?

    At “first risk” up to 10,000 euros each are insured:

    -Cleaning and disposal costs
    -Decontamination and disposal costs for soil
    -Motion and protection costs
    -More cost of air freight


    Partial damages will be compensated for the recovery costs. Restoration costs are the costs necessary to restore the previously operational condition of the insured property.

    In the case of total loss, the time value of the insured item is decisive for the compensation.

    In the case of compensation, the value of the remainders as well as the agreed deductible are deducted.


    Each insured item is subject to a fixed deductible or minimum retention. In addition, a percentage deductible can be agreed. The higher the desired deductible, the lower the contribution.


    The sum insured is formed from the respective replacement value of the insured machines and equipment plus the purchase costs (packaging, freight, customs duties, assembly). The contribution depends on the sum insured, the type of machine / equipment and the individual agreements.

    Possible supplements to the insurance

    Depending on the individual requirements, the initial sum amounts can be increased for against contribution calculation.

    Cleanup and disposal costs
    -Decontamination and disposal costs for soil
    -Motion and protection costs
    -More cost of air freight

    If the failure of a machine can not be bridged, it is recommended to take out a machine interruption insurance. It pays compensation for loss of operating profit and ongoing costs following a claim for damage to the insured assets.