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Legal expenses insurance

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More information about Legal expenses insurance

Who is insured in the legal expenses insurance?

1. Tariffs for legal expenses insurance for non-self-employed

Single fare. The insurance covers the person named in the insurance certificate as the policyholder or insured person.

Family rate: The family includes the spouse or the partner living in a marriage-like community. (must be mentioned in the application) Minors Children are automatically insured in the family tariff. Likewise adult children.

How long are the children insured?
In general, all family members in the family legal protection insurance are insured without any contribution. Coinsurance for children is subject to a number of special insurance conditions. Unmarried children who are not adults in a registered or other civil partnership are considered as insured until they exercise a “permanent professional vocation” and receive a performance-related remuneration.

That So as soon as the children have finished their first education, are not married, and still live in their parents’ household, you need your own legal protection insurance. In some older contracts, a maximum age is given, often the age of 25 years. Then the insurance cover expires automatically, even if a school, vocational training is still ongoing. Therefore, it is important that you review the terms of the old existing legal protection insurance contracts, or ask your insurer.
This not only applies to your biological children but also to adoptive children, stepchildren or foster children who live permanently in the household.

Note on traffic rights protection: Often in the traffic protection insurance vehicles are registered in your name. Even if your children now need their own legal protection insurance, your traffic protection for the respective vehicle is still covered by insurance. The children then need no own traffic legal protection insurance, if they drive only with these vehicles. However, please consult your insurance company here because u.U. If your child is then insured as a driver, but not in the capacity as a pedestrian or cyclist.

Important: For self-employed people … who make (depending on the insurer) from 5,000 euros in sales, have to assure legal protection with a tariff for self-employed or freelancers.

2. Tariffs for legal expenses insurance for self-employed, freelancers and companies

For self-employed, freelancers and companies there are own rates, it is recommended to apply for the so-called compact corporate protection. In these corporate protection insurance policies, the private sector is usually insured for the managing director and his family.

The costs for the corporate protection insurance can be offset against the tax burden, in contrast to the insurance for non-self-employed persons.

What to do if a legal dispute threatens or has occurred?

Threaten a lawsuit, or has such a occurred – applies: Notify the legal expenses insurer as soon as possible, and provide comprehensive information. You must also try to keep the damage as low as possible.

In case of property damage – always take pictures
Inform the insurance company via the lawyer’s hotline, preferably directly, or through the broker
Very important !!: Do not make any debt concessions

The damage claim of the injured party may not be recognized without the consent of the insurer. After the message, wait for the insurer to respond first.

TIP 1: Good legal expenses insurance offers a 24-hour hotline. If a dispute threatens, or has occurred, call immediately. Qualified information can sometimes be used to avoid a claim or, for example, going to the lawyer.

TIP 2: Do not report unnecessary or trivial damage. The more claims that have been made in the last 5 years, the more difficult it will be to apply for a new low-priced fare because insurers may reject the claim if too many previous claims are made.
Which lawsuits are insured?

The traffic protection insurance protects the policy holder and the co-insured persons in traffic. It applies to owners, keeper, purchasers or lessees of motor vehicles by land, tenants of motor vehicles for temporary use, drivers of foreign vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists and passengers in public and private transport and all authorized drivers and occupants of the insured vehicles. Example: Defense in case of alleged regulatory offense.

The private law protection insurance intervenes in matters of private life. These include e.g. The assertion of claims for damages, legal protection in contract and property law, Internet legal protection, tax legal protection.

The professional indemnity insurance covers disputes arising from the employment relationship for the policyholder and co-insured persons. This is for example for non-employment, employee-like employment, for termination agreements.

The tenant and owner legal protection insurance protects the owner of a self-used housing unit, or the tenant in litigation in connection with land or buildings (sharing), in disputes with neighbors or previous tenants, in disagreements regarding utility bills ect.

Self-employed persons and companies need a legal protection insurance for self-employed, or companies. Since self-employed persons or companies are exposed to far greater legal dangers than employees because of their work, the contributions are significantly higher. The private area is however i.d.R. for the policyholder or e.g. Co-insured for the managing director free of charge.
Cancel legal protection insurance

1.Oritentliche termination legal expenses insurance at the end of the contract:
Ordinary termination for the first time at the end of the contract, then annually at the end of each insurance year (main due date).
Policies with a term of more than 3 years can be terminated for the first time at the end of the third year and then annually at the end of each insurance year.

Notice period: 3 months, for contracts concluded before 1993 in the new Länder, only 1 month

2. Extraordinary Termination Legal expenses insurance in case of damage:
Termination after each insured loss with immediate effect or at the end of the insurance year possible. By way of derogation, legal protection insurance can be terminated within 12 months from the second insured event. If the insurer refuses to provide benefits, it can be terminated with immediate effect or at the end of the insurance year.
Notice period: within 1 month after cover commitment with monthly period or within 1 month after rejection

Extraordinary termination Legal protection insurance after contribution increase:
Termination possible from the date of effectiveness of the premium increase.
Notice period: within 1 month from knowledge of the increase in the contribution.

Termination of legal expenses insurance by the insurance company.

It happens that with frequent use of the legal expenses insurance, the insurance company terminates the legal expenses insurance. In such a case, you should immediately contact the insurance company and ask for a solution. Often the inclusion of a deductible is sufficient to maintain the legal protection insurance contract. After termination of legal expenses insurance by the insurance company to obtain a new legal protection insurance at another company is usually extremely difficult.