Family Office

Maik Sammer

Family Office

Your advantages with us

  • Independence - We are not bound to a specific provider
  • Large banking, insurance and financial services network
  • because of the network - big product access and comparison possibilities
  • Years of experience
  • Choice between fee-based billing with products at net rates or the classic commission payment of the product provider
  • Individual offers - we will find the right product for you


More information about Family Office

Holistic control, optimization and sustainable preservation of large, mostly complex assets requires experience, foresight and understanding.

Full accurate and timely recording of assets and their movements is not an end in itself, but a precondition for prudent and responsible action.

The question of meaning must be at the top of the hierarchy of wealth management.

First the question of meaning, then the form of wealth, then the structure, then its implementation and then only the taxes. Not the other way around.

The family office area is a highly individualized service for a demanding clientele.

Asset controlling is the basis for every higher-level service in the family office.

Asset structure consulting, targeted strategic planning as the basis for success, planning of estate succession, wills, marriage and inheritance contracts, wills enforcement, thematic financial plans, solutions for specific issues in real estate or insurance, fund analysis, opportunities and risks, selection process for closed-end funds, foundations, motivational analysis for a foundation organization, creation of expertise in the context of founding a foundation, support in administrative tasks, reporting, asset control, portfolio performance reporting, family office reporting.

We create time and mental freedom for you, you will appreciate the feeling that all the burdens your assets entail are taken over by a competent partner.

These include: communication with the bank partners, controlling the real estate, elaboration of optimal financial structures, tailored to your life stages and the investment object. Supervision of your financing, investment and insurance area, controlling of your custody account administration or of your asset manager as well as regular updating of the asset structure appraisal.