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Criminal Law Legal protection insurance

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More information about Criminal Law Legal protection insurance

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Criminal proceedings against executives and employees of a company are not uncommon nowadays. To get the ball rolling, it is often sufficient to express suspicions to the investigating authorities.

Reliable criminal law protection for you and your employees is therefore an important protective measure.

Your benefits at a glance

Protection against the high personal financial risks of a criminal prosecution
Insurance cover also for proceedings before the conclusion of the contract if there was no knowledge prior to the initiation of the procedure at the beginning of the contract
Defense lawyer emergency call: 24 hours free telephone consultation by an experienced defense lawyer
Foreign law defense network: Fast and uncomplicated care abroad by a familiar with the applicable national law criminal lawyers
Recommendation of a specialized lawyer in your area who will help with your case
No insurance gap: The criminal law protection for companies optimally complements your business liability insurance

Why is this insurance important to you?

The risks increase

Strict regulations on operational safety in production and in tax and subsidy systems as well as the far-reaching environmental criminal law offer a wide range of attack. All the more so as the ever-growing number of relevant laws and regulations, accompanied by stricter jurisprudence, is often not understood and thus not adequately implemented. But even here ignorance does not protect against punishment. In any case, it hits the responsible employees.

Nobody can rule out unexpectedly getting into criminal proceedings. A complaint from neighbors, competitors, citizens’ groups, alleged victims or a dissatisfied employee is already enough to get the prosecutor’s office into action.

Those affected can so financially blame a charge – whether justified or not. After German criminal law, not the companies, but the employees are personally held responsible. And they then have to defend themselves on their own account. If this does not happen quickly and sustainably, things can quickly escalate. If the case reaches the public, the image of your company will be damaged. This can also have a negative impact on the competitive position.

By the way: delegating increases the risk. Due to organizational negligence, bosses also have to be responsible for mistakes made by employees or subcontractors.

How much does a defense cost?

Defense costs a fortune

Under German law, the prosecution of a criminal act is bound to a natural person. Those responsible must defend themselves at their own expense against the allegations. The often years of procedures are expensive and stressful. Six-digit amounts for fees of well-known lawyers and specialized assessors, the legal support of witnesses and other costs such. As for translations and travel are not uncommon.

You can not calculate defense costs –
Criminal law protection already.

What security does criminal law enforcement offer?
Penal protection for a comprehensive defense strategy

A criminal case against individuals always burdens the company as a whole. In order to avoid damage to the image and the resulting loss of revenue and creditworthiness, criminal and criminal charges should be swiftly and efficiently addressed. But what if the private funds of those affected do not allow this? So that your employees are not on their own, you should protect them with criminal law protection. It enables you to have a uniform, highly-qualified defense strategy for all concerned at a calculable cost.

Security 1:
Protection for all divisions

Corporate Criminal Law covers all areas of your company’s activities such as production, operational safety, environmental protection and commercial organization, such as: Tax, subsidy or accounting matters or compliance issues. The insurance cover applies to the company as well as to all responsible persons and employees against whom a criminal or administrative offense procedure is initiated in the course of their work. In this way, criminal law protection makes an important contribution to comprehensive risk management.

Security 2:
Professional claims management

Whether a preliminary investigation extends to a picture-damaging conflagration, often decides in the first few hours. In order to be able to react properly in case of emergency and to avert damage to the company and its employees, you need immediate, expert advice – for example, when the authorities come to the door with a search warrant. In this situation, the defense lawyer’s emergency call will help you around the clock. For an efficient defense strategy, we provide professional legal assistance and guide you through the entire process.

Security 3:
Full reimbursement

Criminal law protection is the optimal supplement to your public liability insurance. The latter protects your company against claims for damages by third parties. But the legal fees incurred by qualified defense in criminal proceedings are only insured under criminal law. You enjoy the security full of cost recovery even with long, complicated criminal proceedings. We cover the costs of the procedure, pay advances, and even extend a bail bond as a loan.

When and where are you insured?

There is worldwide insurance cover, with the legally dependent branches as well as subsidiaries mentioned in the insurance certificate insured within the EU.

The legal protection case shall be deemed to have occurred if a preliminary investigation or other insured procedure is initiated against insured persons, if search or seizure measures take place or if the request for testimony is made.

What is the amount of insurance and what will be reimbursed?

Competent initial consultation

Defense lawyer emergency call: 24 hours free telephone consultation by an experienced criminal lawyer
First-rate representation

Fee agreements with qualified defense lawyers
Fees for privately appointed experts
Witness service, also from leniency
Travel expenses for lawyers and insured persons
Company statement in investigations “against unknown” in the enterprise

Full cost recovery

Procedural costs including expenses of witnesses, witnesses and experts
Sideline costs to achieve termination of the procedure
Translations and interpreters
Penalty deposits as a loan
Takeover of all advances
Communications consultant for public relations
Research costs, z. B. a Wirtschaftsdetektei

Far-reaching legal protection

worldwide insurance cover from the initiation of the preliminary investigation – even if the cause lies before the conclusion of the contract
Insurance cover also for proceedings before the conclusion of the contract if there was no knowledge of the initiation of the contract at the beginning of the contract
Defense in charge of intentional offenses

Hardly exclusions

No legal protection at:

Price, market, tender and conditional agreements. All other antitrust proceedings are covered.
final conviction for intent (exception: penalty order)

Our tip

The contributions for criminal law protection can be deducted as business expenses for tax purposes.

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