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Occupational health insurance

Your advantage as an employer. Easy. Unique.

Finding dedicated and motivated employees is hard enough. Especially today due to the changed circumstances in demography. Keeping them in your company is only possible with attractive additional services.

Occupational health insurance (BKV) is a form of supplementary health insurance for employees financed by the employer – with particular advantages for employers and employees.

Occupational health insurance is designed in such a way that additional insurance protection can be provided in addition to legal protection with various modules. The employees have the enormous advantage of being virtually privately insured without losing the security of the existing statutory health insurance.

If the employer concludes a group contract with an appropriate provider, the employees receive 3 additional basic benefits:

Most waived waiting times,
the health check is omitted or simplified and
the conditions are more favorable than with a single insurance contract.

In addition, most providers also provide spouses of employees and their children the more favorable conditions. This is what most employees value.

Your advantages with us

  • Independence - We are not bound to a specific provider
  • Large banking, insurance and financial services network
  • because of the network - big product access and comparison possibilities
  • Years of experience
  • Choice between fee-based billing with products at net rates or the classic commission payment of the product provider
  • Individual offers - we will find the right product for you


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Your benefits at a glance:

Reduction of sick days and thus increased productivity
Increased corporate attractiveness
Motivation through immediately tangible added value for the workforce
High employee retention
Tax deductibility of contributions
Management arm – direct settlement between
Workers and the insurance

Occupational health insurance therefore increasingly serves employers with a high demand for specially trained workers as a binding instrument. Because in contrast to the only later impacting company pension plans, the employee immediately experiences the added value. And an added value also results in financial terms for employees and employers.
Regulations for freedom to pay contributionsThe employer’s contributions to a private employer-financed group health insurance in favor of employees according to a ruling by the Federal Finance Court are regarded as material benefits (BFH, judgment of 14.4.2011, VI R 24/10), the monthly insurance contributions are tax-free and non-contributory to social security. The prerequisite is that they do not exceed the value of EUR 44 together with other employee benefits in the respective calendar month. In addition, the employee may only claim employment insurance coverage and not a cash payment.

Individual or flat-rate taxation possible

If the contributions are above the exemption limit, the option of flat-rate taxation should be considered in addition to individual taxation. In the case of individual taxation, the contributions are regarded as the net remuneration, from which the corresponding gross value is calculated. The taxes and contributions are payable by the employer. In the case of flat-rate taxation, the insurance premiums must be paid annually as “other remuneration” and must not exceed the value of EUR 1,000 per employee. The flat rate tax must be applied for at the tax office. Both the contributions to the group insurance itself and the lump-sum tax can be booked as an operating expense.

Change of employer or termination of employment

Since there is no special statutory regulation for occupational health insurance, there is a lack of uniform regulations, for example in the case of an employer change or the end of employment. Here it is necessary to compare the contracts of the insurance companies accordingly. In most cases, new employers can also enter into existing contracts. In addition, most providers allow the continuation at the expense of the employee to the existing conditions.

What is special about company health insurance?

Occupational health insurance – free of charge for the employee1
The employer compulsorily insures all employees or an objectively defined group in supplementary health insurance.

The exclusive highlights – in this combination.

No health check – all employees are insured immediately and without waiting.
Tariffs are calculated without savings share for old age – cheap contributions for employers.
Contributions to the bKV are material wages – thus possibly tax and social insurance 2.
Expenses for the bKV are business expenses and accordingly tax deductible.
Easy recording process by listing.
Direct performance between employees and the alliance – thus particularly low in administration.
Permanent follow-up insurance for each building block – private continuation possible (eg when retiring).

1Under the premise that the employer, in addition to the insurance contributions, also assumes the tax and social security contributions
2Urteil der Bundesgerichtshof of 14.04.2011, AZ: VI R 24/10

What advantages does your company have?

Everyone benefits from company health insurance.
Taking on social responsibility Increased attractiveness as an employer Higher performance of employees
occupational health insurance Allianz occupational health insurance Allianz occupational health insurance Allianz
Reinforcement of employee retention Advantage in employee acquisition and motivation Cost reduction and increase in productivity
Example requirement situation:
Legally insured employees – additional protection is necessary Example dentures:
“Salary Increase” with Added Value Example of Provision Benefits: Reduction of sick leave days through comprehensive provision
Added value that pays off for everyone!

Which range of services does the bKV offer?

To supplement the benefits of the statutory health insurance of your employees, we offer you seven modules from the field of employer-funded occupational health insurance:
Precaution Dentures Dental Prevention and Treatment Health Care Fees
100% for selected screening examinations (every 2 years) 40% of the total costs incurred for dentures (including implants and inlays) Fillings, prophylaxis, periodontal treatment, root canal treatment Private supplement to the law. Sickness benefit from the 7th week of incapacity for work
Naturopaths visual aid trip
70% for naturopathic treatments (including medicines), max. 400 EUR per year 100% for glasses and contact lenses, max. 150 EUR per insurance year within 24 months Travel health insurance incl. Return transport for up to 8 weeks travel duration

All tariffs without health examination and waiting times!