professional liability insurance

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professional liability insurance

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  • Choice between fee-based billing with products at net rates or the classic commission payment of the product provider
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    More information about professional liability insurance

    The professional liability insurance occurs in the case of damage caused by the performance of your activity with third parties. The professional liability insurance pays if there are legitimate claims and protects you from the unjustified claims of third parties.

    For some professional groups, such as insurance intermediaries, lawyers, tax consultants, … this professional liability insurance was prescribed by the legislature.

    We offer suitable solutions for all companies and professional groups in which we negotiate the conditions for you directly, should they not meet your expectations.

    Industries for which we offer hedging concepts are, for example:

    Trade and services

    Special protection for:

    hair stylist
    beauty salon
    nail studio

    Special safeguards for health professionals:

    Old Nursing
    respiratory therapist
    occupational Therapy
    foot care
    Physical Therapist
    Nursing Service
    speech therapy
    medical massage practice
    music therapist
    riding therapist
    Wellness massage

    related trades

    Security company

    IT / electronics companies – electronics insurance

    Management consultant




    tax consultant

    estate agents

    Little mistakes, big consequences

    Easier than you think you can get into a situation in your profession in which you have to stand up for a mistake. With a professional liability insurance you protect yourself from the most incalculable consequences of often just a little carelessness.

    Why is this insurance important to you?

    You and your employees will be liable for any damages you may cause to others through their business activities. As quickly arise high claims for damages. A protection on the other hand is possible and necessary.

    There are enough examples of damage: The doctor whose patient has suffered pain for a lifetime after a treatment error, the beautician whose client can no longer look in the mirror after a facial treatment, or an expert who, as a dangerous goods representative, gives a wrong instruction when loading a dangerous goods vehicle why he has an accident.
    Without a professional liability insurance, a worst-case mistake can mean the end of work.

    Who is insured?

    Insurance cover exists for you and your employees for activities within the scope of the insured job profile

    What is insured?

    Insured are according to the needs of the individual job description:

    Personal injury (treatment costs, compensation for pain)
    Property damage (repair or replacement costs)
    Property damage as a result of personal injury or property damage
    (Loss of earnings, loss of use or profit)

    For some professions, the exercise of which is not the cause of personal injury or property damage, but of pure financial loss in the foreground, provides the Allianz coverage for pure financial loss under the professional liability insurance (for example, for architects and engineers).

    When are you insured?

    The insurance cover begins on the date stated in the insurance policy if the contribution is paid immediately. The insurance contract has been concluded for the period specified in the insurance policy. He continues to grow from year to year if he is not terminated.

    What happens in the event of a claim?

    Unfortunately, the risk of third parties suffering damage as a result of the professional activity of the company boss or his employees can not be ruled out. How is your situation? What are the risks of your job?