Real estate financing

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Real estate financing

We can offer you that

We offer the following financing options:

  • Construction finance
  • Forward loans
  • Annuity loans
  • Fixed loans
  • variable loans
  • KfW Loans
  • Building savings loans
  • Residential-Riester Loan
  • Intermediate financing
  • Involvement of funding, …
  • Plus. comprehensive financial planning in investment and hedging.

We accompany you on your way

While you are dealing with your construction or purchase project and are already mentally setting up your property, we will take care of all matters relating to your financing:

  • Search for the cheapest financing partner
  • Resolution of the financing submission incl. Compilation of the required documents
  • Review of the Treaties
  • Accompaniment during the construction phase with regard to the disbursements
  • Clarification of questions or requests for changes during the financing situation

Your advantages with us

  • Independence through comparisons


Calculator for Real estate financing


You can learn an initial trend of conditions via the Quickcheck, the interest rate table after the entry shows the average feasible conditions for your financing project.

The data is transferred securely within the window, no Schufa query takes place!

Of course, better conditions are possible, but for this we need further data from you, which they will then be recorded securely and then forwarded to us.

We will then contact you to discuss the next steps.

More information about Real estate financing

Real estate financing has long ceased to be the domain of savings banks, Raiffeisen banks and other classic house banks. For years, mortgage brokers have been offering to compare credit institutions nationwide. As a result, consumers are no longer only dependent on the offers of fewer banks. Instead, banks are increasingly competing. The customer benefits in such a market environment and can agree on significantly lower interest rates.

Sammer Seidler & Partner helps to make the multitude of offers comparable and brings the suppliers home to the consumer.

In the end, you save not only cash but also a lot of time and can easily choose from the best offers.

Independence through comparisons

Whether a real estate financing without equity, a fixed loan or a repayment suspension is desired, everything can be done today with a little effort and quickly. Nevertheless, beware of simple comparisons. The popular interest rate lists quickly turn out to be unfit. Real estate financing is a very complex undertaking. The credit decision depends on many influencing factors, which are weighted differently in almost every credit institution.

Real estate financing without equity

In principle, 100 real estate financing can also be presented. The conditions and possibilities are described in the article Real Estate Financing without Equity. House building, house financing or house purchase without equity (full financing) are increasingly becoming a sought-after financing model in Germany. The advantage of building financing without equity capital is obvious. The builder or purchaser retains his liquidity and can nevertheless realize the dream of owning a home. The financing without equity is also known as 100, 105 or 110 financing – depending on whether only the purchase price or the ancillary acquisition costs are to be financed.

What are the disadvantages?

Financing without equity is significantly more expensive. This, of course, has a direct effect on the amount of credit instalments to be paid on a monthly basis. This effect is also reinforced by the higher demand for debt.

In principle, there is nothing wrong with full financing. However, we strongly advise against financing a property if there are no reserves. Property must be maintained and maintained, unexpected unemployment or incapacity for work can quickly put a family in trouble. If, on top of that, the car or the washing machine breaks, serious problems quickly arise in the house.

Compare worth it

Whether with or without equity, the pointed pencil should always be expected. This means, among other things, making a comparative calculation and thinking about alternative forms of repayment or equity replacements. What is important is what comes out of the bottom line, pays for you best and corresponds to your life plan. And if everything fits, then you can realize the dream of owning your own home even without equity.

Here we give you an answer to the most important questions about financing without equity:

What and how much can be financed without equity?

  • Owner-occupied condominiums (ETW)
  • Detached houses (EFH) with and without detached apartment
  • Investment objects
  • Equity-free construction financing is possible for purchase price and new construction financing or debt restructuring.

The amount of funding depends on the value of the object to be lent. In addition to the purchase price of the property, the additional acquisition costs can also be financed.

Construction financing without equity capital: Which repayment options are possible?

The following variants are possible:

Annuity loans
Unless the borrowing rate changes (note the fixed interest period), the monthly instalment payment always remains the same. However, within the term, the interest and repayment shares are shifted. The repayment portion is steadily increasing, with interest rates falling at the same time.
Fixed loans with repayment compensation
In this form of loan, you only pay the interest to the bank on a monthly basis in the form of a constant rate, unless the borrowing rate changes (note the interest period). For example, you pay the repayment portion into a life insurance, which pays the repayment at the end of the loan term by disbursement.
So you get full flexibility and can realize your desire from your home with low monthly installments.

Real estate

As with construction financing, the term real estate financing is a collective or generic term. Real estate financing is symbolic of the individual types of financing with which real estate of all kinds is financed.

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