Private pension insurance

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Private pension insurance

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  • Independence - We are not bound to a specific provider
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  • Choice between fee-based billing with products at net rates or the classic commission payment of the product provider
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    More information about Private pension insurance

    The state pension funds are empty.

    The probability that you can maintain your current standard of living even in old age based on the statutory pension, is therefore unfortunately low.

    Therefore, be as early as possible by setting up a private pension plan. For a worry-free time after your working life.

    What is clear to almost all people today is that it will not be possible to continue with pensions in the future, as it has been in Germany for the past two generations. Thus, the interest in an additional pension plan is getting bigger.

    The reason for this is above all the demographic development. This shows very clearly that there are fewer and fewer young people in Germany, but in return the number of older people is increasing. Fundamental to this are the declining birth rate and the increasing life expectancy of the population. Thus, in the long run fewer contributors are available for the pension insurance.

    The statutory pension insurance must respond to this development. The logical consequence of this is the increase in pension contributions and the decline in pension payments. At the same time, the retirement age will rise. Many people today have lost confidence in the statutory pension insurance and want to take even the responsibility for the pension in hand.

    Since 2005, the Retirement Income Act came into force, introducing the 3-tier model for old-age provision and replacing the previous 3-pillar system (statutory pension insurance, occupational pensions and private provision) with state-sponsored old-age provision.

    The 3-layer model is structured as follows.

    The first layer provides the basic provisions for private pensions. On the one hand, this includes the statutory pension insurance, in which almost every German has to pay. On the other hand, the basic pension or Rürup pension, which exists since 2005, applies to this first shift. Also claims from agricultural pensions, as well as professional care facilities are included in this area.

    The second layer is often referred to as supplementary care. Here are claims from the company pension into it, but also claims from a Riester pension. The contributions that are paid in are either tax-deductible or subsidized.

    In the third layer, investment products can be found, such as private pension insurance or classic endowment life insurance. These investments are not about getting them paid as a pension, they can also be paid out in one sum. Fund savings plans are also being used in the third layer of private old-age provision.