Musical Instrument Insurance

Maik Sammer

Musical Instrument Insurance

Your advantages with us

  • Independence - We are not bound to a specific provider
  • Large banking, insurance and financial services network
  • because of the network - big product access and comparison possibilities
  • Years of experience
  • Choice between fee-based billing with products at net rates or the classic commission payment of the product provider
  • Individual offers - we will find the right product for you


More information about Musical Instrument Insurance

Which items can be insured?

    Musical instruments of all kinds
    Cases, cases, boxes etc.
    Sheet music, music stand
    Public address and amplifier systems

What is not insured?

    Radio, television sets, video recorders
    record player
    other sound recording and reproducing apparatus

Which claims are insured?

i.e. Replace in particular damage

    Transport, transport accident
    Theft, loss
    Embezzlement, embezzlement
    Robbery, predatory extortion
    Swap, leave lying
    Fire, lightning, explosion
    Water and elementary events

For which dangers and damages is there no achievement?

    Intent or gross negligence on the part of the policyholder and the persons authorized by him / her
    Defects that existed when the contract was signed
    Riot, plunder, war, high hand, nuclear energy
    Mutual or malicious harm, infidelity or theft by family members
    ordinary wear and tear (wear), depreciation
    Weathering and temperature effects, glue solutions, ordinary paint or Schrammschäden

Where does the insurance apply?


What is the sum insured?

    The sum insured must at least correspond to the current value or new value of the respective instrument
    If this has been set too low, deductions are made in the event of a claim

What costs are covered in the event of a claim?
It will be replaced:

    with a partial damage the repair costs
    in case of a total loss the value, at most the insured sum
    the loan of a loan instrument during the repair period
    Damage reduction costs are covered
    the cost of recovering valuables and allowances if they are lost after a break-in or have been destroyed by fire