Machine and comprehensive insurance

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Machine and comprehensive insurance

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    More information about Machine and comprehensive insurance

    Why a machine and hull insurance? Minimize the risk of unforeseen damage or damage to your machinery and make it a calculable size – with our machinery and comprehensive insurance.

    Initial Situation: Your construction machinery is exposed to a multitude of different hazards every day. Despite modern technology, careful handling and proper maintenance, expensive damage can not be avoided. Unknown is only the time and the size of the damage.

    1. What is insured?

    All types of construction equipment and other mobile and transportable machinery are insured by the machinery and comprehensive insurance, as well as ancillary equipment and spare parts, if specially agreed.

    2. What damages and dangers can be insured?

    Unforeseen damage during operation as well as during transport, assembly, dismantling, loading, especially through:

    • Human error, manufacturing fault, short circuit, safety device failure
    • Accidents
    • Fire, Lightning, Explosion
    • Storm, frost, ice drift and other events from the forces of nature
    • Theft, vandalism, malicious damage
    • Moisturize or Swallow

      Insured are thus internal damage to operations and damage. The insurance cover can be limited to so-called hull damage, i. on damage due to accident. This includes damage caused by fire, lightning, explosion, storm, frost and other events from the forces of nature.

      3. What damages and dangers are not insured?

      damage caused by defects that were already known at the time the insurance was taken out; through war and civil disturbances; Damage caused intentionally or through gross negligence by the policyholder or his representatives; as a direct consequence of permanent operational influences for which a third party has to act as supplier, works contractor or repair order, are not insured in the machinery and comprehensive insurance.

      4. What will be replaced in the event of a claim?

      The machine and hull insurance replaces all the costs necessary to restore the former operational state (recovery costs). If the cost of restoration exceeds the present value of the insured property, the fair value is replaced.

      6. What should the sum insured be?

      In the machine and building services insurance the insured value for the sum insured is decisive. The insured value is the respectively valid list price (new value) plus purchase costs including assembly.

      7. What else is important?

      In machine and hull insurance, it may be specifically agreed that damage during tunneling or underground work, through dripping or sludge due to the particular dangers of use on construction sites, in the event of loss through theft, Burglary or robbery are also insured.