Gold / Silver / other precious and industrial metals

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Gold / Silver / other precious and industrial metals

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  • Choice between fee-based billing with products at net rates or the classic commission payment of the product provider
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    More information about Gold / Silver / other precious and industrial metals

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    Human history has shown that ownership of physical metals has led people to prosperity and security for generations. This will not change in the future. The current situation on the financial markets clearly shows that physical property is a real asset such as As metals, provides a higher security than a monetary certificate.

    Metals that you can purchase through us are e.g. Gold, silver, platinum and palladium.

    Technology Metals and Rare Earths

    There are different forms of contract:

    Technology Metals and Rare Earth Cart (with refund) and without a specific due date

    Once our client with the monthly savings rates / deposits for the acquisition of technology metals / rare earths
    has paid a total of 30,000 euros, he receives the closing costs in the form of technology metals / rare earths refunded.

    There is no maturity.
    Technology Metals and Rare Earths Cart with Fixed Term (without refund)

    The minimum term of the savings plan is 8, the maximum term 30 years.
    Asset Management Technology Metals and Rare Earths

    The asset management on technology metals and rare earths gives you the opportunity in physical
    Participate in this interesting investment theme. The asset management pursues an active
    Management approach with purchases and sales of technology metals and rare earths depending on the market situation.

    They have access to a wide range of technology metals and rare earths through this concept.

    The price
    Each partner / saver receives price advantages of up to 20% in the installment purchase through the AUREUS-EINKAUFS EFFEKT. You can buy silver, platinum and palladium exempt from VAT in the bonded warehouse.

    The flexibility
    Whether installment or one-time purchase: Each investor / saver offers the right inflation-protected investment strategy is offered. In addition, our processing partners guarantee the daily buyback at the current daily prices.

    The security
    At our partners, investors / savers buy real property, i. Their gold and silver are 100% physically present. This is documented by a personalized property and warehouse confirmation. The storage takes place in recognized high-security safes and is of course protected by appropriate insurance.

    The transparency
    Each investor / saver receives our own, password-protected online depot from our partners. Here you will also learn the daily updated international courses of gold and silver and other interesting information.

    The control
    Safety is our top priority with our partners. Stock is regularly checked by a
    independent resource control and additionally controlled by a renowned auditing firm.

    to acquire are in addition:

    gold coins

    American Eagle (USA) 1 oz
    Britannia (Great Britain) 1 oz
    Krugerrand (South Africa) 1 oz
    Maple Leaf (Canada) 1 oz
    Panda (China) 1 oz
    Vienna Philharmonic 1 oz

    as well as many other raw materials.

    Ask us.