Funeral insurance

Maik Sammer

Funeral insurance

On 1.1.2004, the death benefit of the statutory health insurance has been completely canceled.

As a result, most citizens are required to complete their own provision. If they do not do it, the costs have to be borne in full by the relatives.

If you want to avoid this, you should already inform yourself about funeral care.

Too expensive?

We often complain that a funeral is a heavy financial burden. With the costs that are incurred, this is not to be dismissed out of hand. In addition to the pure burial costs for casket and clothing, for example, cemetery fees and grave-care costs are incurred, which can heavily burden the heirs financially.

But who completes a funeral in his lifetime, can not only make a cost comparison, but also opt for a favorable financing.

With a funeral provision can be considered age, wealth situation and also very personal wishes.

But even the payment of any inheritance tax can be just for the wealthy covered by a corresponding death benefit insurance.

Your advantages with us

  • Independence - We are not bound to a specific provider
  • Large banking, insurance and financial services network
  • because of the network - big product access and comparison possibilities
  • Years of experience
  • Choice between fee-based billing with products at net rates or the classic commission payment of the product provider
  • Individual offers - we will find the right product for you


Calculator for Funeral insurance


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