Environmental impairment liability, Environmental liability insurance

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Environmental impairment liability, Environmental liability insurance

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    More information about Environmental impairment liability, Environmental liability insurance

    Spectacular damage caused by environmental impacts is in the millions, but even a blast in a small business can do a great deal of damage, ruining the farmer financially. Risk provisioning is therefore required.

    Why is this insurance important to you?

    Many companies operate plants that can significantly damage the environment in the event of an accident.
    High claims for damages are the result.

    The environmental insurance included in the employer’s liability insurance protects you against third-party claims due to damage caused by the environmental impact of your company. Store fuel oil, fuel, gas and other environmentally relevant substances, such as Sealants and solvents or paints, the environmental compact insurance offers you appropriate insurance coverage. If certain storage quantities are exceeded or if you have environmental systems, individual solutions via an independent environmental liability insurance are necessary.

    You are also responsible if you have not caused the damage yourself. This is the so-called strict liability. You are solely liable for the ownership of a facility. Even if your equipment complies with the regulations and has been approved by the authorities, you are not protected against claims for damages.

    Who is insured?

    Insurance cover exists for you and your employees as well as for the insured investments.

    What is insured?

    Insured is the statutory liability for personal injury and property damage due to environmental impacts. In addition, the environmental liability insurance covers certain environmentally relevant financial losses (for example from the violation of fishing rights).

    In the event of damage, the insurance company checks whether your customer can be held liable and whether the amount of the claims is justified. For justified claims, the Allianz pays up to the amount of the agreed sums insured. Unauthorized or excessive claims repels the insurance for your customer and the insured, if necessary in court.

    Which claims are insured?

    Every entrepreneur shies away from a scenario like this: a fire that not only endangers the employees and ruins the factory equipment, but also liberates pollutants and causes poisoning to passersby. Bad headlines and high image damage are almost certain.

    When and where are you insured?

    The insurance cover begins on the date stated in the insurance policy if the contribution is paid immediately. The insurance contract has been concluded for the period specified in the insurance policy. He continues to grow from year to year if he is not terminated.

    The insurance cover extends to insured events from the operation of insured investments in Germany or EU. Also insured are insurance claims incurred abroad that are attributable to the operation of an insured investment in Germany or EU.