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electronics insurance

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    More information about electronics insurance

    When the electronics fail …

    … that can mean a huge amount of damage to your business. After all, modern electronics and their increasing integration in all areas of the company form the basis of functioning business processes.

    Crashing computers, static networks: A crash in the computer system can have a fatal impact. The networking of assets, such as information and communication technology, increases the risks – but this dependence is often underestimated. And it can meet any business. The range of risks ranges from hardware defects to software losses to data theft.

    Your benefits at a glance

    Assumption of recovery and replacement costs
    The additional costs are assumed for the evasion of rental equipment and other temporaries
    Assumption of business interruption damage

    Why is this insurance important to you?

    Electronic systems and devices have become indispensable in modern companies. The spectrum ranges from simple mobile phones through complex IT networks to large-scale medical equipment. Many of these organizations now occupy key positions in their daily work routines.

    Imagine that your EDP is no longer fully functional after being damaged. Access to customer data, offers / orders, development documents or invoicing may be disrupted.

    We can not prevent any damage, but in the event of a claim we can relieve you of many worries, for example:

    the assumption of recovery and replacement costs,
    the assumption of additional costs, if you want to switch to rental equipment or other temporaries,
    the assumption of your business interruption damage if you are unable to return to normal business operations due to longer repair times or delivery times.

    Not only medical equipment is often leased or leveraged because of the high cost. Generating the monthly installments requires a high availability of the system. With the electronic insurance in combination with the insurance of continuous costs you keep track even after a claim.

    What is insured?


    Systems and devices of information, communication and medical technology,
    other electrotechnical and electronic equipment and devices,
    non-replaceable data volumes (e.g., hard disks) and the data required for the basic function of the insured items (e.g., system data from operating systems).

    The insurance does not cover supplies and consumables, consumables and equipment, tools and other parts that have to be replaced several times during the life of the insured items.

    When and where are you insured?

    The insurance cover begins at the agreed time, but at the earliest with the operational reliability of the insured property. If the liability starts before workmanship, it requires a special agreement.

    The place of insurance is the agreed business premises, whereby transport and movement risks are insured within the business premises. If installations / equipment are used outside the place of insurance, the inclusion of the risk of movement for the respective area of ​​use must be agreed.

    Which claims are insured?

    The electronics insurance offers an “all risk coverage”. There are no individual risks such as fire or theft insured, but with few exceptions, any form of damage and destruction (property damage) by:

    Operating errors, awkwardness or intent of third parties
    Overcurrent or overvoltage, short circuit
    Fire, lightning, explosion
    Water, moisture
    Flooding – under certain conditions
    Force majeure
    Design, material or execution error
    Loss of theft, burglary, robbery or looting

    There are only a few exclusions, such as War events, nuclear energy and earthquakes.


    The compensation is generally paid up to the value of the insured items, less the agreed deductible.


    Do you have your devices in the field or are you represented at trade fairs with your systems? Upon request, we offer you worldwide insurance coverage up to 20% of the agreed sum insured.


    The sum insured is formed from the respective replacement value of the insured equipment / equipment plus purchase costs (for packaging, freight, customs duties, assembly).

    The contribution depends on the sum insured, the type of investment, the risk situation as well as the scope of coverage chosen and individual agreements.

    Possible supplements to the insurance

    IT users can take out software insurance for damage to their data and removable media (CD-ROMs, floppy disks, tapes, etc.). Any adverse change or loss of data or programs as a result of insured loss will replace the costs of reconstructing and re-entering data and programs.

    With additional insurance, the additional costs for, for example,

    the use of foreign equipment,
    the application of other manufacturing processes,
    the use of wage services

    insured in the event of the failure of electronic systems as a result of insured property damage.

    If a system failure can not be bridged, the conclusion of an electronics business interruption insurance is possible. It compensates for lost operating profits and ongoing costs following damage to the insured equipment.