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Credit cards, colloquially also referred to as “plastic money”, are now standard for many consumers when it comes to cashless payments at home and abroad.

In the end, this saves you from taking checks or a large amount of cash. However, it is advisable to find out in advance about the benefits and fees of each credit card, as the differences here between the providers can be great.

Credit Card: Real Credit Card or Prepaid.

If you decide on a credit card, you can enjoy some advantages and relax on the move. Finally, the credit card is now accepted around the globe. However, problems can arise in the event of theft if the credit line is encumbered by third parties. In the meantime, however, such a situation can be prevented – for example with a credit card that works according to the prepaid principle.

Here you must recharge the card before use and can have the amount of the credit without any problems.

Credit card:

Costs and fees: The credit card has proven itself especially abroad, as the acceptance of the common in Germany debit card can be limited here. However, credit card charges may vary. Although credit cards are usually only issued by some major umbrella brands, but offered by banks and other service providers. It may well be that the credit card embedded in certain product models and equipped with special conditions (elimination of the annual fee, etc.).