Ransom insurance

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Ransom insurance

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    More information about Ransom insurance

    Insurance against kidnapping and blackmail
    Again and again, spectacular kidnapping cases make headlines and keep the public on their toes. Every year, several thousand people are kidnapped and blackmailed. Background for kidnappings and blackmail are political unrest, lawlessness and poverty.

    In many parts of the world, theft of human beings has become a well-established business, and most of the time, the perpetrators are paid for ransom. Recent incidents show that not only in distant countries with piracy or robbery is expected, but also directly in our country.

    In addition to wealthy individuals and their families are threatened in particular employees of international companies, so that they, regardless of their size, at any time can be the target of a ransom pressure.

    The insurance covers individuals or a limited group of people (for example, the management of the South American subsidiary of a German company, employees who are sent to troubled areas, family members are to be insured against blackmail and their consequences.) The insurance covers, among other things, for damages and expenses through kidnapping, extortion , Product squeezing, “carjacking” or “hijacking” and deprivation of liberty.

    Examples of possible insurance coverage:

    • Crisis consulting fees

    • Replacement of the ransom paid
    • also ransom, which is lost during the transport carried out on instruction of the perpetrator
    • Negotiation Fees and Expenses
    • Fees and Expenses for PR Consultants
    • fees and expenses for interpreters
    • Rescue and Return Charges
    • Travel and Accommodation Costs
    • Fees for psychiatric / medical treatment
    • Use of crisis advisers
    • reward payments

    • Personal financial loss of the victim
    • sick pay

    • Security Guard Fees and Expenses
    • Technical costs
    • Costs for recovery and rehabilitation
    • Cosmetic and plastic surgery costs
    • Other costs for the release of the victim
    • Accident insurance with simplified articulated tax

      If there is a case of abduction or blackmail, the insured must abide by strict rules:

      • Keep calm (including relatives)
      • utmost secrecy
      • In case of emergency, please contact the insurance company and the police immediately
      • No press events before rescue, without the consent of the insurance

        Only a few specialist insurers offer such insurance. Absolute discretion and secrecy is self-evident! Please understand if we only send you information when we have checked your personal information.

        Insurers provide:

        • Extensive advice for this form of insurance
        • Negotiation with the insurer
        • Counseling and care of relatives in a crisis
        • Secure and fast processing when applying
        • Commissioning of relevant specialist companies
        • if necessary. Support of the Crisis Council