Property managers insurance

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Property managers insurance

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    More information about Property managers insurance

    The number of multiple real estate owners is growing, as is the number of properties under management. The tasks of property managers and their employees are becoming ever more extensive. Whether managed buildings or your own company: You should protect the increasing number of risks with a sophisticated and appropriate concept, which protects you especially if you can hold me liable for all your assets.

    Especially for the building stock
    Protection components that you need for your managed portfolio:

    Homeowners insurance (fire, tap, storm, hail, elemental)
    glass insurance
    Homeowners liability insurance
    Builders liability insurance
    Environmental damage insurance (fuel oil tanks)
    Property damage liability insurance for administrative boards

    Especially for the property management
    Protection components that are important for your office:

    Business liability insurance for property managers
    Property damage liability insurance for property managers
    contents insurance
    Business interruption insurance
    glass insurance
    Electronic insurance with optional data insurance

    The homeowners insurance
    About our first-class comfort protection are e.g. include: Over-voltage damage, malicious damage, graffiti, damage to underfloor heating, elimination of pipe blockage and fallen trees after storm or lightning strike. Accessories and other parts of the property are also insured.
    In addition, already included:

    Higher compensation limits
    Coverage of drainage pipes on and off the property
    Burglary in communal laundry kitchens
    Overhead expenses
    Horticultural plants
    Rental loss for commercial premises

    Individually lockable additional risks
    Elemental damage (such as from flooding or earthquakes), rental loss cover, and even unnamed hazards can be optionally included

    The glass insurance
    The insurance covers all exterior and interior glazing fixed to the building, including:

    Special costs, e.g. for crane, scaffolding and much more
    Renovation of painting and paintings
    Removal and replacement of protective grids, protective bars and awnings
    Damage to framing, fittings, masonry, protection and alarm systems
    Glazing of shops and restaurants, individual slices over 12 square meters in commercial premises

    The homeowners liability insurance
    Our house and landowners liability insurance secures especially condominium communities (WEG) around. Thus, it acts for liability claims of the individual apartment owner against the caretaker or against the WEG as well as reciprocal claims of the homeowners in the interest of WEG. Advisory councils are insured up to 500,000 euros for property damage to joint, special and fractional ownership. In addition, the operation of photovoltaic systems including the feed-in of the electricity into the local energy grid and the builder’s liability for construction projects are insured without premiums up to 1 million euros.

    The builders liability insurance
    With the owner’s liability insurance you play it safe, because a better position compared to the recommendations of the General Association of the German Insurance Industry and the working group EU-mediator documentation is guaranteed! Likewise, the premium-free co-insurance of building services up to 250,000 euros.

    The company liability insurance for property managers
    As part of the special liability insurance for real estate agents / property managers u.a. insured:

    Property and landowners liability insurance for commercial and private premises
    Owner’s liability insurance for new buildings, conversions and repairs
    Violation of data protection laws (10% deductible, at least 50 euros, maximum 1,000 euros)
    Lease damage on the occasion of business trips (10% deductible, at least 50 euros, at most 1,000 euros)
    Lease damage to immovable property up to 100,000 euros (10% deductible, at least 50 euros, maximum 1,000 euros)
    Key damages up to 30,000 euros (10% deductible, at least 50 euros, maximum 1,000 euros)
    contractual liability
    Workers and visitors, including the loss of motor vehicles (after advance performance of property and / or vehicle insurance)
    So-called property damage within the sum insured for property damage

    Property damage liability insurance for property managers

    Sums insured from 50,000 euros
    Basic venture, administration up to 125 residential units
    General deductible maximum 500 euros
    No charge drop

    Property damage liability insurance for administrative boards

    Sums insured from 50,000 euros
    Insurance of advisory boards and substitute delivery agents up to 5 persons

    General deductible maximum 500 euros
    Waiver of the so-called quotient retention

    The content insurance
    Indispensable protection for all your business equipment and all technical and commercial equipment. The content insurance offers you comprehensive security against the financial consequences of damage caused by fire, burglary, tap water, storm, hail and natural hazards.

    The business interruption insurance
    Meaningful supplement to the content insurance. For example, a fire can cause significant damage and possibly paralyze everything in the longer term. The consequential economic damage may outweigh the damage caused. Business interruption insurance helps you stay fit without running into financial shortages.

    The electronics insurance
    Extensive protection for systems and devices of office, communication and data technology. In addition, data insurance can provide additional coverage for additional data recovery, turnkey and operational standard programs, and customized programs.

    plus Rental loss insurance, rental nomad insurance, …