Private liability insurance / service liability insurance

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Private liability insurance / service liability insurance

Who needs personal liability insurance?

Actually, this insurance needs every adult or family.

Who is insured?

You are insured as policyholder. In the family tariffs spouse and children are automatically insured. Many insurance companies also include the life partner as soon as he is registered with the policyholder. In children it does not matter if they are the biological, adoptive or stepchildren.

Beware of single policies: These usually only apply to the policyholder.

What is insured?

The private liability insurance indemnifies legitimate claims for damages that are made to you in the event of damage. She does even more. The insurance companies check whether the claims are justified and in the case of the trap, they repel them. In this case, legal proceedings can also be conducted by the insurer. The costs are borne by the insurer. Insured are in principle personal injury and property damage. In some tariffs rent damages (for example 200.000,00 €) and pecuniary damages (for example 20.000,00 €) with lower sums are automatically included.

What should the coverage amount be?

Since private liability insurance is not a legally required insurance, you can choose the amount of coverage as you wish. From 1 million to 10 million, the range of insurers is diversified. A lower chosen coverage seems sufficient at first glance. However, you should remember one thing: The private liability insurance does not release you from a claim for damages. Anyone who damages a person so that it becomes a care case, so the insurance pays the agreed amount or until it is exhausted. After that, stick with your private assets.

Who is not insured?

If children marry and until then were co-insured with the parents, they must complete their own personal liability insurance. Also after completion of a school or vocational training, as well as a study, the offspring must conclude their own contract. Those who are not yet 18 after completing their training can remain covered by their parents until they reach the age of majority.

Other persons and relatives are not automatically insured. These can either be covered by a premium surcharge or have their own insurance.

Our tip
Many providers offer the co-insurance of children beyond the first training. If you are not sure, ask your insurance company.

What is not insured?

As with any liability insurance, intentionally, i. intentional damage not insured. Damage is also not insured if it arises with co-insured persons. So the personal liability insurance does not pay if the child breaks the computer of the daddy.

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