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  • Independence - We are not bound to a specific provider
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  • Choice between fee-based billing with products at net rates or the classic commission payment of the product provider
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More information about Overnight money / time deposit

Are you one of the consumers who value security and flexibility?

Then the daily allowance can certainly be worthwhile, because the capital is thus available on a daily basis, without being bound to long investment periods.

Daily allowances:

Liquidity and return. The clou of the call money: The capital is invested in a separate account and bears interest. If necessary, the money can be transferred back to your normal checking account and is available to you immediately. A plus, which makes the daily allowance for years an attractive investment tool. In addition, as a new customer, you often enjoy special conditions that, in the end, translate into a higher return – either in the form of higher interest rates or credits from the call money providers.

With the daily allowance you can save as an investor, for example, if you want to invest capital only on short notice. However, in this context, it is always worthwhile to study the offers of the individual providers and banks in this area. A look at a current daily money comparison is highly recommended.

Because not only the interest rates for the daily allowance can differ considerably. Also, one or the other bonus or special services separate the chaff from the wheat at the daily allowance.

Tip: The daily allowance is usually free and can be used by you at any time. For example, put money back between two medium-term investments without giving up interest.