Horse owners liability insurance

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Horse owners liability insurance

The liability of the animal keeper is regulated in the Civil Code. § 833. (Liability of the animal keeper).

Animal husbandry liability insurance is recommended for every livestock owner since, depending on the damage incurred, the amounts due can amount to millions and the livestock owner is liable for the damage caused by his animal in unlimited amounts.

The animal husbandry liability insurance covers personal injury and property damage to third parties caused by your dog / horse. In addition, the Animal Liability Insurance protects against third party claims against you that are unjustified or for which you are not liable.

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More information about Horse owners liability insurance

The following risks can be covered by the animal husbandry liability of animals for private purposes:

Third party risk including claims against the policyholder
Riding participations incl. Claims against the policyholder Bad debt cover for horse owners
Sled and carriage rides
Participation in tournaments (without races)
Lease damage, z. B. By the dog at the rented apartment
Damage to the rented or rented horse transport trailer
crop damage
Cover act (intentional and unintentional)
Foreign damage (as long as the policyholder retains domicile)
Riding with and without saddle

Benefits in case of insurance

the examination of the question whether and to what extent there is an obligation to pay damages
the financial compensation of the damage, if the claim is justified
the defense against unjustified claims – if necessary in court – whereby the insurer also bears the legal costs.

Animals used for business purposes, e.g. Watch dogs, are usually insured by a public liability.

When it comes to horses, there are many things that need to be considered.

Horse insurance, liability and everything related to it
Laws related to horses
Liability provisions for animal husbandry – horse holder liability
Terms relating to horse insurance

In addition to the private liability insurance, the horse liability is the most important livestock insurance, as in a damage inflicted by the horse to a third party (personal injury, property or pecuniary loss), the horse owner is liable with all his current and future assets for the damage caused by the horse. The sums insured in the horse insurance should be quite high, since experience has shown that the damage (property and personal injury) can be considerable. Horse liability can include a variety of modular risks, such as participating in tournaments, riding riders, and the unwanted deck act.

Some providers grant horse-shoe discounts on the second horse.

The non-commercial, short-term care of one’s own horse by another person, as well as other riders (but not with all providers!) Is insured in the horse insurance, as the horse owner is liable in the first place. Short-term stays abroad in Europe are insured for most of the providers of equine liability insurance, and for individual liability insurance providers worldwide, for different periods.
In the rates of the horse liability insurance normal riding horses are insured in private ownership.

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