Health insurance for pupils / students / au pair – International, Europe, Germany and abroad

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Health insurance for pupils / students / au pair - International, Europe, Germany and abroad

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From the beginning of studies there is compulsory insurance in a statutory health insurance. The students can be exempted from this compulsory insurance for the duration of their studies. Then there is the possibility of health insurance for students in a private health insurance. Health insurance is the first insurance for most students. The following options exist:

1st Variant: Private student health insurance:
Contributions and benefits are very different for all private insurers, there is no standard rate for uniform comparison as in the statutory health insurance.

second Variant of a private health insurance:
In addition to the student health insurance, the insurance companies offer special and group rates for a wide range of academics / professions. Depending on the amount of the deductible and choice of benefits, the insured receives a balanced price / performance ratio.

Aid from officials
Future students, who were previously insured for their parents’ allowance, should note in this type of insurance that the insurance cover is linked to the payment of child benefit, which is paid only up to the age of 27. Thereafter, the student must insure himself normally with a private health insurance. For students born after 1981, this benefit will be eliminated sooner. A change to a legal insurance is then not possible during the study.

Insurance Student: Statutory Health Insurance

Students are insured free of charge up to their 25th birthday and as long as their regular income is less than € 360 per month in their student health insurance. However, if a so-called minor employment is exercised, the income limit shifts to 450, – € per month. If you have to insure yourself, you pay the same with all statutory health insurance funds 64.77 € (plus 11,64 € or 13,13 € – for childless from 23 years, for the long-term care insurance). These student tariffs are valid until the end of the 14th semester or the 31st birthday. The age limit is extended by the time of the military or alternative service provided, if the study directly follows the Abitur and the military or alternative service provided. (vdabbakw)

Make the right insurance choice for the health insurance right from the beginning, you do not have to change later and may be losing money.

Working / living abroad
Traveling is nice, but sometimes quite dangerous: After all, you want to experience something on your holiday and possibly do one or the other risky sports action.

In any case, illness or accidents abroad are not pleasant. Especially if you have problems communicating or finding a suitable doctor. Also, you may not know how to get home sick or injured.

Are you planning to study abroad? Then you should think about how you want to assure yourself during this time. After all, you can also fall ill during the semester abroad or have an accident.

Your statutory or private health insurance is only very limited abroad. Your home contents insurance is usually not here. In your parents’ liability insurance, you are no longer insured when you reside abroad.

Find out about a foreign travel insurance with us. Your individual ideas.