Farmers special solutions

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Farmers special solutions

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  • Independence - We are not bound to a specific provider
  • Large banking, insurance and financial services network
  • because of the network - big product access and comparison possibilities
  • Years of experience
  • Choice between fee-based billing with products at net rates or the classic commission payment of the product provider
  • Individual offers - we will find the right product for you


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    More information about Farmers special solutions

    Farmers Risk Management

    Whether you are keeping pigs, producing milk, growing crops or harvesting vegetables: severe weather, fires or accidents can endanger your existence. Risk management therefore affects all farmers.

    Topics that are of interest to you now:

    For your business

    Agricultural business liability
    Much can happen on your farm

    Even with the utmost care, you or your employees can make mistakes that you have to adhere to.

    Real Estate Insurance
    After the storm is before the storm!

    Nobody can protect your property from damage caused by storms, hailstorms, tap water, lightning or fire. Before spending, which could lead to ruin without sufficient precaution, but already.

    Your fleet cared for professionally

    We develop a customized insurance solution for you.

    Agricultural Content Insurance
    In case of fire, burglary, natural events and willful damage

    Many a farmer is facing ruin when unpredictable events such as fire or storm destroy his life’s work. The agricultural content insurance, the all-round protection for your business, secures your life’s work.

    machinery insurance
    When sand gets in the way
    Protection against high repair and replacement costs
    Reduction of production downtime in the event of a claim
    Protection of your own investment capital

    Machinery and Casualty Insurance
    for mobile and transportable devices
    Protection of your own investment capital
    Protection against high repair and replacement costs
    Reduction of downtime in the event of a claim

    You can never avoid strife –
    Process risks already.

    Protection against financial risks
    a legal dispute.

    Environmental liability
    Of pollutants and damage

    Spectacular damage caused by environmental effects is in the millions, but even an explosion in a small business can already cause considerable damage.

    For you as an entrepreneur

    comprehensive health insurance
    Good value for money for employees and self-employed

    sickness insurance
    Private supplementary insurance for you or your employees
    Private patient in the hospital

    Private pension
    It’s worth living longer

    Occupational pensions
    For your future

    Occupational pensions are an important tool for you to build up your retirement pension in a tax-privileged way.


    Liquidity / Investment

    For Your Employees

    Business Travel Assist
    More security on business trips
    for all business travel up to 1 year

    international travel insurance
    Well insured abroad
    for all legally or privately insured persons
    for long trips up to 1 year

    Occupational pensions
    The future of your employees

    Occupational pensions are an important tool for gaining employees, employee loyalty and employee motivation.

    Building savings for your employees
    Building savings for all cases

    The conclusion of a Bauspar contract is often the first step into your own four walls. The promotion of building society savings agreements with Wohn-Riester makes it even easier for your employees to become savers. As an employer, you can assist your employees with the payment of capital gains (VL), retirement benefits (AVWL) or voluntary benefits with little effort to fulfill their wishes.

    time accounts
    Exemption phases and gradual transition to retirement
    flexible corporate management
    insolvency protection
    Protection against additional risk