Factoring / sale of receivables / forfaiting

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Factoring / sale of receivables / forfaiting

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As an attractive hedging and financing option for your delivery transactions with short-, medium- or long-term payment targets, the non-recourse sale of your (export) receivables is a good option.

With the help of forfaiting / factoring, your (export) transactions can be efficiently converted into liquidity as soon as you have performed your deliveries and / or provided your services. The bank buys your existing (export) claims without recourse to you. Forfaiting / factoring not only improves your own liquidity, but also relieves your balance sheet. They save your credit lines and have no credit insurance or deductibles to pay.

In addition, you exclude the following risks associated with targeting:

– the economic risk (credit risk) of the debtor or his guarantor
– the political risk of the debtor country, including in particular the conversion and transfer risk
– the currency risk (if calculated and invoiced in foreign currency)
– the collection risk (loss of debt securities by post, unenforceability of the claim)
– the interest rate risk (fixed interest rates for the entire funding period are the rule)