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Dental Insurance Comparison

There are many advantages to having a dental supplemental health insurance from a private insurance company. Especially if you want to stay in a statutory health insurance fund. Thus, even insured persons can raise their benefit claims to the level of “private patients”. Due to the individual tariff choice, the additional insurance can be optimally adapted to your wishes and needs.

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  • Choice between fee-based billing with products at net rates or the classic commission payment of the product provider
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More information about dental insurance

Who is the insurance for?

For anyone who is a member of a statutory health insurance and on an optimal care value.
What is insured?

The statutory health insurance usually pays no or only reduced benefits for dentures, implants and
The following is i.a. insurable: dentures, orthodontics, inlays, implants
The exact scope of the hedge varies depending on the tariff and must be individually adapted to the needs and wishes of the policyholder.
How are the insurance premiums calculated?

The insurance contribution depends on the following factors – the insured person’s entry age, condition of the teeth, type and amount of the agreed services.
Which events are u.a. not insured?

Depending on the chosen tariff, certain benefits are not or only insignificantly insured.
When does the insurance cover start?
The insurance cover begins after a waiting period of eight months. Should the dental treatment be necessary due to an accident, the insurance cover will be effective even if these eight months are not over.
Which additional insurance is recommended?

The benefits of the statutory health insurance are also increasingly limited in the outpatient and inpatient areas. They can take precautionary measures and increase their benefits privately with the help of supplementary health insurance for outpatient and inpatient care.
As one of the most important insurances, the occupational disability insurance protects you from the economic consequences if you can no longer work for health reasons. As a rule, state protection is not enough to secure the standard of living.
In addition, accident insurance is advisable. Only in a few cases does the insurance cover the legal protection. In 70% of all cases there is no entitlement to benefits. This is for example for all accidents that occur during your free time.
Furthermore, the conclusion of a supplementary care insurance is recommended. If you become a caregiver after an accident or serious illness and depend on outside help, this additional insurance provides financial support. The statutory long-term care insurance offers only a minimum coverage. In general, high co-payments are e.g. necessary for accommodation in the nursing home. If your reserves are insufficient, your children must “jump in”.
In addition, a foreign travel health insurance is urgently recommended for anyone traveling abroad for business or pleasure. The statutory health insurance only covers a small part of the treatment costs abroad and there is usually no claim to repatriation to Germany.