Closed-end funds, participations and tangible assets

Maik Sammer

Closed-end funds, participations and tangible assets

We regularly offer you services in the following areas: savings and retirement plans, container funds and leasing funds, aircraft funds, real estate funds (worldwide), mixed funds, new energies, private equity, funds of funds, commodity funds, shipping funds, closed-end funds in specialties such as life insurance, wood , ….

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  • Access to all relevant closed-end funds


More information about Closed-end funds, participations and tangible assets

Closed-end fund investments can be a very meaningful diversification in balanced asset structuring, not least from a tax point of view.

One thing must not be overlooked! Many projects, regardless of whether they came from the field of real estate, film funds, ship investments or other closed fund segments, have in the past not what they promised full-bodied. Often, the costs were too high, the business model was not right, was too optimistic or beautified, or there were no economic considerations, but purely fiscal effects in the foreground.

Of course, you can purchase a large number of closed-end fund investments through us. In the future, however, we will only present a small overview of investment opportunities on our website which, in our opinion, meet certain minimum criteria.