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Car Insurance Comparison – How does it work?

Here you can compare car insurance in price and performance. If you are satisfied with insurance, you can request a quote or apply directly online. This is how it works: Our comparison calculator is linked to the offer calculators of many insurers. That’s why you only need to enter the data once, making it easy to find multiple rewards at the same time. You will receive the comparison result online. What should I do if I want to re-authorize a car? To register for a car, you needed a double card in the past (insurance confirmation card). These were obtained from the insurer to be presented to the registration office when the vehicle was registered. The purpose of the insurance confirmation is to ensure that no vehicles without insurance coverage for road traffic are allowed. With the issuance of the double card, the insurer confirms that a motor vehicle liability insurance exists. If a customer comes for example his payments, the insurer informs the Admission Board. The latter then informs the competent authority and the vehicle is withdrawn from registration. The double card is replaced since 2008 by a seven-digit code (electronic insurance confirmation abbreviated EVB). With this EVB number you can register the vehicle with the registration office. The data for the registration or change of registration of a vehicle are exchanged electronically between the participants with the help of this code.

How do I get an EVB number?

If you calculate the premiums via our comparison calculator and have determined your personal winner, you can click on “Request” in the comparison result. You will then receive the EVB number either immediately or with a time delay via email.
What do I have to do if I want to change the insurer at the turn of the year?

It is important that you have your existing insurance before 01.12. have terminated. The termination must be before 01.12. have been received by your previous insurer. You have a so-called special right of termination if your previous insurer has increased the contribution. Then you can cancel the existing contract until 4 weeks after you have been informed of the increase. You do not have to provide an EVB number in this case. You only have to do 2 things:

1. Cancel in due time the existing contract.
2. Before 01.01. sign a new contract.

The conclusion of the contract is quite simple from the comparison result, by clicking on “request”. Your data will then be transmitted to the insurer and you will receive an insurance certificate from him. The new insurer sends a new EVB number to the Admission Board and the process is complete.

After receiving the insurance policy, you can still revoke the application with 14 days’ notice. What is a discount saver or discount protection? The discount saver offer some insurers. Here you can distinguish two types, a free savior and a paid.

Free discount savior:
This usually applies to drivers who have reached a high non-infringement class (SF) (at least SF 25 in liability). In the first accident, the contribution does not change. In the SF one is still downgraded.

Discount Saver for an additional charge (discount protection):
This is almost an additional tariff and costs accordingly more premium. Here one buys oneself thus a free ticket for one (with some insurances also several accidents) accident, so that the contribution rate remains unchanged, also a demotion in the indemnity class does not take place, as long as one remains with the same insurer.

Again, if you have such a discount savior (rebate protection), for which you additionally pay a premium, and eventually cause an accident or be involved in an accident, inquire early what happens when you change the car insurance.

For both variants applies:

In the first accident, nothing changes in the contribution.
After an accident you should check the new classification before changing the insurance.

What is a motor vehicle liability insurance?


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The motor liability insurance is a compulsory insurance required by law in Germany. Every motor vehicle registered in Germany for road traffic must have such insurance. Like any liability insurance, the insurance covers damage caused to others. In this case, it is about damage in connection with your vehicle. If you e.g. With your car driving against another car or even hurting a person, the liability insurance takes over the costs incurred. However, your motor vehicle liability insurance is also responsible if you load your vehicle in the shopping center, roll away the shopping cart and damage another vehicle. For such things, which are directly related to the use of the vehicle, belong to the area of ​​motor vehicle liability insurance.

What is a partial insurance?

The partial comprehensive insurance replaces damage to your own vehicle. However, the partial comprehensive insurance only provides in certain cases. Glass damage, windstorm damage, theft of vehicle or vehicle parts, hail damage and game damage are the main insured dangers. If e.g. If the windshield is damaged by a stone chip, the partial comprehensive insurance covers the costs incurred. Here it is irrelevant whether the disc is damaged by a rockfall or through its own fault. You get in case of glass damage “natural substitute”, which means you get a new disc. On the other hand, if the vehicle is e.g. stolen or damaged by hail, you will receive the maximum replacement value. Replacement value refers to the value that would have to be paid for a matter of the same kind and quality.

What is a fully comprehensive insurance?

Full comprehensive insurance extends the partial coverage insurance to self-inflicted collision damage or, for. Vandalism. Vandalism damage is damage to the vehicle caused by third parties on the vehicle. One example is scratches on a car that a third party purposely causes with a key. Notwithstanding the partial comprehensive insurance, a non-damage discount is taken into account in the comprehensive insurance, as with the liability.

From which vehicle age does it make sense to convert the comprehensive insurance into a partial comprehensive insurance?

If you reduce your insurance cover, you are justified in assuming that the contribution will be cheaper. However, the contribution calculation is made in the partial comprehensive insurance for a fixed amount and in the full comprehensive insurance after a basic contribution and the consideration of a no-claims discount. Suppose you have been through life for years without any damage, and with 30% discount in the fully comprehensive insurance, then it may be that you pay for example 165 EUR and pay for the Teilkasko your vehicle 150 EUR. In such a case, a change from a full comprehensive insurance to a partial comprehensive insurance is not profitable. Please find out in advance about the specific savings and then consider whether a contract change is worthwhile. A widespread statement is also that after four years you should switch from full insurance to partial insurance. Assuming a vehicle is now in the fifth year still worth 10,000 EUR. Let’s assume that you now switch from full to partial coverage and cause a self-inflicted accident a short time later. With the repair costs of e.g. 5.000 EUR you stand alone.

What is actually a passenger accident insurance?

An occupant accident insurance pays if an inmate of your vehicle is damaged. However, the liability insurance also pays if an inmate is harmed by your fault. That’s why you do not really need this insurance. Who wants to know his passengers also insured, if they are damaged without fault on your part (your passenger in the convertible is struck by lightning), can think about such insurance.

What is a letter of protection?

With a letter of protection you are protected in case of breakdowns or accidents. The insurance does not cover the vehicle, but the costs arising from the cause. The motor insurance certificate is lockable in conjunction with a motor vehicle liability insurance. The protection letters are not the same, but usually differ in details.

What do I have to consider when traveling abroad?

The “International Insurance Card for Motor Transport”, better known as the “Green Card”, certifies insurance cover for travel abroad by motor vehicle in liability insurance according to the regulations of the respective host country; It also contains important data about the vehicle, its owner and its insurance. The green card system is based on the so-called London Agreement of 1949, which includes all European countries (with the exception of Albania, European states of the former USSR) as well as a number of Mediterranean countries and states in the Middle East. On the basis of the Green Card, the German motorist can name one of his victims the address of a regulatory aid in the host country. The London Agreement was supplemented in 1974 by the so-called license plate agreement, according to which a green card is no longer required for motor vehicles from the signatory states for entry. It is still required for journeys to Turkey, Bulgaria, Poland, Romania, Slovenia and Croatia (for the other states of the former Yugoslavia, war-related special regulations currently apply). Although Italy refrains from checking the green card on entry, it should nevertheless be carried along. The green card is available free of charge from the motor insurance company.

Are there any special features for second cars?

There are providers in which the second car gets the same contribution rate as the first car. Of course, that’s worth it. You can find this provider in comparison.