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    More information about Art

    These are the ten most common mistakes when buying art, which you should definitely avoid:

    They buy mainly with the ears and not with the eyes.

    They rely solely on their good taste.

    They follow their gut instincts and buy without expertise and thorough information about the artist and his development in the art business.

    They consider the study of art magazines, catalogs and the internet superfluous.

    They regularly visit museums, art associations, galleries and research on national and international art markets for wasting time.

    They follow the whisperings and rumors of self-proclaimed art consultants instead of seeking the advice of serious gallery owners and experts.

    They rate the written expertise of renowned auction houses as unnecessary spending money and fall for counterfeits.

    At auctions in the buying frenzy, they euphorically acquire art treasures and forget about the premium, which can increase the price by up to 25 percent.

    They buy pictures, graphics, medial art and sculptures exclusively under the aspect of the capital investment and the quick profit. The increase in value of artworks usually takes place over many years.

    In the case of a purely speculative purchase, you miss out on the actual return: the joy of the intellectual and visual handling of art.


    We are happy to put together more information and advise you, or contact you to reviewers and art dealers.

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