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We will find the best possible offer for the financing of your property  in a timely manner

Independent and free financial advice

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Independent financial advice

Independent advice without being tied to a financial institution, so that we can always make you a good offer.
Construction financing from 0.3% interest
We will find the best possible offer for you from more than 450 financing partners. Financing offers currently start at 0.3% interest and have a term of 10 years.

There is no risk

We help you to find offers that suit your personal budget and your situation. Advice is given by telephone or video without any risk.

Why are we the right business partner for you?!


In the jungle of financing offers for real estate, it is often difficult to keep track of things. As independent financial brokers and trained bankers, as well as graduates in business administration (FH) and financial planners with over 20 years of experience, we are not tied to a bank and fall back on the offers of more than 450 financing partners in order to find the best possible financing offer for you.

Above all, your interests and your personal situation are in the foreground and not those of the finance bank, so that there are no nasty surprises hidden in the small print later. With our help, you will know exactly what your monthly burdens are and whether you can afford them.

We are your contact during the entire financing process and we are happy to advise you beyond that.

Customer Reviews

All our reviews are from our Google business entry

Top advice on real estate financing, investment and insurance. Very helpful! But I was particularly enthusiastic: they always look for a solution and not some ... told. In addition, a super accessibility when one has become a customer. Highly recommended!
Serges Krasniewski
I got my answers very quickly that I was looking for for my real estate financing. Thanks to Mr. Sammer I now also have a concrete plan and process. Mr. Sammer helped me solve some more difficulties and got my family and I financing that we can pay and know when we are done with it. The other check ups I did on insurance and investments were the same and convinced me. No pointless insurer changes that you always read about, but adjustment of my existing contracts and thanks to the investment advice we also have enough reserve.
Mr. Sammer is a 1A financial broker who is always very helpful. He cannot be topped in terms of expertise! He set up a very difficult and very complicated financing for us and fought like a lion until the end. If financial broker, then only Mr. Sammer!
Great financial advice on all topics. There was a lot of important information even beyond that. I was thrilled with the specific compilation of my current situation and planning or incorporating my issues for the future into my finances. I did not have to conclude anything new,? but the already existing investments and insurances were used and adjusted as well as duplicate things were removed. Conclusion my investments run better, I feel more comfortable with my insurances and can overview everything better. Mr. Sammer has my full confidence in my future financial matters.
I was skeptical at first, although Mr. Sammer was recommended to me by a colleague. Due to my situation job change, divorce, child I knew that I had no good cards in terms of housing finance. Unfortunately, I could not get a personal appointment, but I could discuss everything in the evening with Mr. Sammer in peace on the phone. He took a lot of time for me and explained my situation in detail. After he received all the necessary data from me, I received after a short time a ready offer from a bank (which was also already checked, as I found out after a conversation with the bank). At our then personal appointment, Mr. Sammer went through all the important points for me with me and I can say today that I am the proud owner of an apartment and also the financing fits perfectly. There is in each case the school mark 1 for speed, customer-fair behavior, professionalism in addition, individuality. I will take the further financial services also with Mr. Sammer in claim and can him only recommend!
I can recommend without reservation. There is no product advice here. The recommendation that I had gotten me here to get a sensible investment advice was absolutely right. This has nothing to do with my years of advice at the bank, because with my bank advisor I should always just do something new without really knowing what for. Mr. Sammer listened to me, it was my wishes first taken and not pack possible much money in there and make you still this or that. For me grade 1 I now know where and for what I use which money pot, have overview of everything and also a contact person for all financial matters.

About us


We have been operating successfully as an independent financial broker and home finance specialist for 20 years. We are working  with more than 450 financing partners in order to obtain the best conditions for you:

  • Mortgage loans with fixed interest rates of up to 40 years
  • Forward Loans - Annuity Loans
  • Fixed and variable loans
  • KfW loans
  • Bauspar and Wohn-Riester loans
  • Bridge financing and much more ...

What you can expect from us

While you are busy with your construction or purchase project and already mentally setting up your property, we take care of all matters relating to your financing.

  • Free introductory talk

    Simply arrange a call back and we will contact you to discuss your questions individually.

  • Search for the best/cheapest financing partner

    We have more than 450 financing partners at our disposal and this for you without obligation and without registering with a credit agency.

  • Processing of the submission of funding including the compilation of the necessary documents

    We will compile the necessary documents with you and check them for inconsistencies in your interest before forwarding them. So that the process is not unnecessarily prolonged due to missing, incorrect or inconsistent information or, in the worst case, leads to a rejection.

  • Review of contracts

    We will check with you whether all agreements of the application have been implemented and that the payment requirements... can be met by you, so that you do not get into difficulties personally after the conclusion of the contracts. We do explain complex contract details to you in an understandable way. So you always have an overview and exactly know what you are signing.

  • Support during the construction phase with regard to payments

    We will assist you with processing and payment so that everything can be paid for on time and you do not receive any reminders.

  • Clarification of questions or requests for changes during the financing period

    If there are questions and, if necessary, adjustments are to be made, we are also available as a contact person during this time.

Free introductory talk

Do arrange your call back now

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